Gobble, Gobble (aka What I Did This Loooong Holiday Weekend) pt. II: More goofing around, and such.

The weekend, continued:

We, stupidly, went to Fry's Electronics in an attempt to spend a 'lil quality time with Pops, but it turned out to be a test in patience and German engineering.

The parking lot was a mind-fuck; it took 10+ minutes to get into the lot, but it turned out THERE WAS A LOT OF OPEN SPACES. Mind. FUCK.

Plus, we didn't really buy anything, except for AA batts and a couple of Air Dusters (nots for huffing, just for cleaning).

To make up for Fry's ass-facey-ness, Jaya and I made fools of ourselves in the (not even full, stupid) parking lot:

It looks like I'm trying to do my best impression of Sasquatch. GRRRRROWR.

9342394809238426th take. Knees were a'cracklin'.

HAHAHAHAH my favorite! She looks like a marionette puppet.

Reach for the STARS!

I think I watched the entire 2nd season of Stormchasers on Discovery and YES.  I love youse CRAZAZZZIE tornadoes, lightning storms, and turtle probes (mmm... that sounds creepy out of context).


I, in one point in my life, want to have the face-melting honor of seeing (in person), and then describing, a tornado as "beautiful/gorgeous," just like the crazy dudes of Stormchasers. I think that I was soooo taken in because it's almost December here in L.A. and it's, like, 80+ degrees outside. On Saturday, there was a high of 84 degrees! IN DECEMBER.

Plus, we eat some sushi over at Little Tokyo.

Anyway, ENJOY these pictures of the natural phenomenon that has captured my wind-strewn heart:

Images of "GOD'S FINGER" via Google.

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