So THIS happened (and it's still happening).

395 pt. 1

I'm currently at the Redwood Motel in Bridgeport, CA.


I be on a small roadtrip with Sasquatch (aka the sister) right now.

As my sister ask (and aptly answers) on her blog, "Is it LAME to post during a vacation?"

My answer: ALWAYS. But you know what? I loves this picture had I had to share it right QUICK.


Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers. DEAL WITH IT.

Here's a very, VERY short story.*(spoiler alert: I end up with NEW SHOES).

I'm not a very good storyteller, so bear with me.  Let's DO THIS.

My sister, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, finds a pair of shoes she wants somewhere deep in the bowels of the internet (there are times when I'm just flabbergasted at the amount of shit she can find on the compu-tater). She breaks her "I-don't-need-a-new-pair-of-shoes-EVERY-week" rule,  bust out her credit card and buys a pair of verrrry cooooool oxfords from Osborn Design.

End of story? NOOOOOOO (sorry, the story's not that short. I gots problem with conciseness).

She sends them to the house (her apartment is "mail/package"-unfriendly); I get the box, open the box, and low-and-behold, inside that box was the CRAZIEST COOL shoes I've seen in a while.

I take a couple of pictures to email Jaya. I call her. Then I tell her, "I WILL BUY THESE SHOES OFF OF YOU."



"She's just making fun of you Kaya." A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Celebration.

My mom around my age, back in the day and KILLIN' IT.

Pearls of PURE WISDOM from my Mom:
+ "You can dress simply, just ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE."

+ Mom: "What's the name of that actor, Jack Human?" Me: "Do you mean Hugh Jackman?"

+ Mom: "I didn't realize it, but I like cowboy music." Me and Jaya: "Oh, okay... is that different from country music?" Mom: "I heard Alan Jackson the other day.... oh wait, hahahaha country music!"

+ "Ohh, here (hands me a gold tassel necklace), I thought you might like this because of that thing you wore that one time."

+ Jaya to me: "Your tomato plants are groooowing!" Mom to me: "I think your sister is making fun of you Kaya."

LOOOOOOVE YOU, MOM. Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! Enjoy the cupcakes and flowers.

Back at my old job, I left a note for a co-worker asking her to cover my shift "because it was my moms birthday." After my co-worker read the note, she came up to me AND THIS HAPPENED:

CO-WORKER: "Sure, I'll cover your shift. But can I ask you a question? Do you really have two moms?"

ME: "Whaaa?"

CO-WORKER: "You wrote moms..."

ME (thinking to self: I was trying to sound cool, hip and urban... like, "I LUVZ YOU, MOMZ!"): "No."

CO-WORKER: "Oh, okay. Cool. Just asking. I'll cover your shift."