"It's CUPCAKE TIME!" and other things.

While I'm scrounging up photos to post, here's this:

It's a yellow cupcake (from a box. booo!) with chocolate ganache frosting (homemade. yay!) with a center cut bacon strips as garnish.

Jaya made me this jazzy poster. Who DOESN'T love cupcakes suspended in mid-air?:

Ohhhhhh! And this happened: I WON THE JASIFER LION'S CLUB GIVEAWAY! I'm excited to get Swedish goodies in the mail. Annnnd, thanks Jennifer for using a purrrrtttuy picture of me (and of Gazel and of xLadx. :


Holla Padre.

It finally happened.

I didn't think it ever would; I thought I would have to go through life being one of those people.


I've become a hat person.

I know that I've talked about this before, but during an unnecessary shopping spree this past weekend I found the "perfect hat."

How do I know it's THE ONE?:
-Does it fit and stay on my unusually large cabeza? CHECK.
-Wide brim for maximum sun/rain protection? CHECK.
-Is it black? CHECK.
-Does it include a ribbon? CHECK.

Before I reveal it, here are some previously mentioned style-spirations that I based my outfit on (and sorrrry, I don't remember what street style blog(s) they're from):

My new hat:
 Holla Padre.

My outfit:
Holla Padre.
Holla Padre.
+Hat: Forever 21.
+Shirt: American Apparel.
+Beaded necklace: Torrance Antique Flea Market.
+Sister's black shorts: ON.
+Sister's suede sandals: MIA (via Nordstrom's Rack)

p.s. The day I wore this outfit was the last good day of sunshine. Right now it's raining and freeeezing here, so that only means one thing: IT'S TIME TO LAYER!! I got new shoes and pants to show off!