I LOVESSSS YOU, BAND OF SKULLS (and too a lesser degree, Passion Pit)!

I saw one of my most favorite new bands of the year, Band Of Skulls, play with another '09 band fav, Passion Pit @ the Fox Theatre in Pomona, CA and it was TIIIIIIGHT/BADASSSSS/OUTIE 5000 (hahahaha, terrible).

My shoulder is a little achey (mmmm... I feels like it's gonna rain soon. hahahah, I feel elderly) so PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!

001/ What the WHHHAAA!

002/ Jaya and I looking like hoooookers walking to the venue (where 3048304348935 million teens were already waiting, in the rain).

003/ What I wore (I loovves me a nice floral):
Impossible + Sleepyhead.
+Fur scarf: my sister's.
+Watch: a gift dad (it's Czech!).
+Denim jacket: Old Navy.
+Floral dress: Nordstrom's Rack.
+Black tights: my sister's.
+Lace-up's: Justin Boots.
+Outer jacket (around my purse): Anna Sui For Target.

004/ Jaya and our friend, Mary, waiting it out as Plague Vendor do their screamo crap on stage (someone tell that front man that Axl Rose and Perry Farrell do it BETTER).

005/ OHHHH NO THEY DIDN'T. Ohhh, they did. Me and J bumpin' it to Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It, which is blaring out the of PA system.

006/ Me getting tired of waiting for Passion Pit to perform.

007/ BAND OF SKULLS! Sorry, I don't have any pictures of Passion Pit on stage because, I was lazy? Whatevvvah.

008/ CRAZY LAST PART: I decided to take video of the show because I was tooo far away to take pictures (we grabbed seats in balcony during the first band, but were too comfortable to move after that). I got two videos (Patterns and Bleed) and decided for a third (Impossible-one of my favorites. one night, I played it, like, 1029382 times on repeat) WHEN THIS HAPPENED:

Watch the dickbag's hands...

**EXTRA EXTRA: Here are the video's I took of Band Of Skulls. They're cut short because I'm tooo cheap to buy into Pro on Flickr. That's too bad because you'll the laser light show I got when I taped Impossible. BE WARNED: These play like bootleg dvds- people walk in front of the camera, surrounding people are screaming, and my hands get a bit shaky (mmm.... it feels like it's gonna rain, again), so in short: JUST ENJOY THE (shitty quality) MUSIC.

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