Insulted? NAH. Because it's TRUTH.

I played into the dog and pony show that is Facebook and posted up my celebrity doppelganger. I saw some of my other friends profile pictures and they were of glamorous, pretty actresses/ladies, but mine, NOT SO MUCH.

I understand that I risk embarrassing myself, but since that is haaard to do, I present my "famous person" doppelganger:

RUFIO from Hook. No, not the actor Dante Basco. Yes, specifically RUFIO.

Why?  When I  was about 14-15 yrs. old, I was a C.I.T. at a camp and a fellow C.I.T. looked at me and said, "You look like that dude in Hook. That's cool though, because he's cute."

Insulting? Ehhhh. Creepy and confusing? YEEEES.