Long time, no post, BUT I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU precious, precious blog.

That's me (remember? no, not so much?) saying, "Hey, sorry for neglecting you."

Wanna see something cool?

Here's Key View @ Joshua Tree National Park, but miniature-style! I'm still trying to do my best Huell Howser and visit all of California.

That's Santa Rosa Mountain, Palm Springs, and San Jacinto off in the hazy distance.

And I'm still flea marketing! Jaya and I checked out the Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley (open every weekend from 6a-3p) and we found some cooool things.

'Til the next time I remember to forgot you guys!


It's the holidays and I want to look at LEAST semi-human in all the photos

You know when you take pictures during a trip and you look at them 5 minutes later, you see an unrecognizable monster staring back at you (true story)?


To insure that I look least "cave creature" as possible, I gave myself guidelines to vacation/holiday by.

001/ Hair: Baby Buns forever. It's been my #1 hairstyle for the past months.
Hoy Fashion
002/Jackets and Docs: This girl's awesome perfection, but I'm focusing on the army wear offsetting the soft femininity of everything else.
003/ Fur collars: Real or not, THIS IS RIDICULOUS.
004/ Sunglasses: A sleepy-eyed girl's best bud. And fwi ders: This girl is looking pretty fly all around.
005/ Jean Jackets: UNTIL ENDTIMES. I plan on being buried in a denim jacket.
006/ Attitude: If I can be even be half as happy-looking as this girl (with all her 90s soft pinks and blues) in my photos, JOB DONE.


Trick or Treat Yo' Self

May the power of Christ compel you... to have a Happy Halloween.

(gifs found on Tumblr.com)