Me all summer long: ICED COFFEE

Perfection in a jar, taken from The Pioneer Woman
Got a craving for coffee that doesn't taste like shit? YES?

Do you have 8-12 hours to kill? MAYBE?

The Pioneer Woman, a food blog, has instructions on how to make the *MOSSSST DELICIOOOUS* cold brew iced coffee.

We've been drinking this condensed coffee and milk mixture like water in my household, so much so that a batch that's suppose to last us 2 weeks is gone within one.

The only problem(s)? I guzzling this caffeinated nectar like at, 8pm, so I'm like Tumblr-ing until 3am. And drinking from a jar bothers me because of the threading; as cool as you think drinking from a jar is, I got iced coffee running down my cheeks and chin like I'm a stupid child (WOH WOH, HIPSTER PROBLEMS).

I was going to take pictures of my own iced coffee, but it's gone. IT'SALLGONE. So lesson learned: drink it up fast, because it will disappear.

Sooo... here's Luxirare using the Toddy Method:

Hirsute Pursuit: Ombré Highlights Edition

I gots a new hair situation happening here and I'm happy about it.

WHOOP WHOOP! Rise the roof! Yay!

It lends itself nicely to the "au naturel" state of my hair, otherwise known as "wavy." EVERYBODY, I'VE DROPPED THE STRAIGHTENING IRON. Be proud!

OH SOFT BABY CHEESUS, my roots. I should have done my roots.
My inspiration? MOON BLOODGOOD. Her face-framing highlights are much more subtle, but fanciful nonetheless.
In Falling Skies (via Google Imgs)
Proper outfit pictures. And they involve a faux leather vest. Every summer wardrobe includes leather vest, right? Right? YIKERS.
Inspiration? BRITTA PERRY, natch. She is all leather, all the time. (INSERT APPROPRIATE AD QUOTE NOW: "'I'm looking for something that says... 'Dad likes leather.' Something that says 'leather daddy'? 'There's such a thing?'").
Found here.
Found here.

It's all about WU LYF's LYF right now.


In The Army Now (1994)

Maybe I'm still feeling a little jingoistic but... have I ever spoken about my true love for In The Army Now?

No, I has not?


I don't even love it ironically (whatever that means). I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. I bring it up in normal conversation more than I should. REALLY.
The Weeeeasel (found on Google Images).
If it's on the t.v., I will scratch your eyes out if you try and change the channel.
The HIIII-larity! (found on Gooogle Images)
I mean, look at that all-star cast of Pauly Shore (!!), and Lori Petty (I LOVE YOU TANK GIRL), the always impressive DAG, and... my sartorial inspiration for this post:
Camo vest?? (found on Google Images)
Andy Dick.

Is that weird? But really, it's only because of the glasses.

The outfit isn't really that great or mindblowing and I should have taken a picture of the shirt (it has bat-wing sleeves and everything...) but any chance it get to talk about In The Army Now...  I TOLD YOU! Can't stop talking about it.
This is my "Hmm, hmm YES, APPROVED" face.
Further proof of my lovelove? My personal ticket stub that I put on my tumblr:

... Is always going to be 90s alt rock music. So here's Spacehog's In The Meantime:



Via Google Images


Love you, America.