Things We Didn't Buy (but maybe should have?): HATS Edition.

Me and hats don't work so well together. BOOOM. Said it.

Looking back at these photos of me in hats, however, made me revisit that thought. I looook all right, right? RIGHT!

No. Pourquoi? Here's the breakdown:  My big head + my thick hair = GIGANTIC HEAD = No go for most hats.

But what do I care about my noggin?? For the past few weeks, I've been squeezing my oversized cranium into any hat I could find. Sooooo, PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!

001/ Bowler Hat from Target: I feel pretty jackass-y in this hat. On others, it can totally work, but nots on me. Firstedofly, it is clearly tooooo small; even in the picture you can see it trying to crawl off my head. Secondishly, I feel like I'm a pair of Rayban Wayfarer's away from being a trend monster. RWOOOR.
Bowler Hat.

002/ Black Floppy Hat from Space 15/Twenty (aka Urban Outfitters in Hollywood): I actually liked this floppy hat look! I felt like a I either stepped out of Fried Green Tomatoes or Benny and Joon- really any Mary Stuart Masterson film in the early 90s. Shrrrrink, head, shrink! Or GROW, HAT, GROW.
Floppy Hat.

Floppy Hat.
Shed a tear or two.
003/ Green Floppy Hat from Macy's: Ummmm, no. Just NO.


004/ Red Beret from Target: Ohhhhh, this one fulfills my Parisian/Amelie dreams! But really, how often can I wear a red beret and feel okay with myself? Feels alittle TTH. But loooks adorable, right?
Red Beret.

005/ Pagliacci/Clown Hat from Zinnia's: BOUGHT THIS ONE. Yes. Out of any hat I could/would buy, I opted for this beauty. For any King Of The Hill fans out there: I feel very Tartuffe, The Spry Wonder Dog in this hat.
Pagliacci Hat.

One day, I will conquer you HATS!

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