Ring, ring! Ring, ring!

Jaya's has gotten into some  RIDICULOUS ring choices recently and here is her most recent purchase(s):

Rings from Made Her Think.

These are rings from Made Her Think's "In Stock For the Holiday" collection. She got the Diamond Pendulum Ring Pave and the Siren Knuckle Buster-Metal 

I believe Jaya told me that she was giving me the diamond-shaped ring as an early Christmas gift. Hhhhmmmm, uh huh, YES SHE DID. (YES YOU DID JAYA).

The hang tag and card that accompanied the rings were just as intriguing as the rings.

MHT Frontside.
MHT Backside.

The hang tag.
** A LITTLE EXTRA: Florence + The Machine::
Covering Beirut's Postcards To Italy (it's beautiful):

Galaxy Of The Lost:
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