Kermit: "Good grief! The comedian's a bear!" Fozzie: "No hesa not! Hesa wearin' a necka tie!"

Adding to #10 on my list:

NEW HOBBY: Gardening! Well, no. More like: Herb plants, tomato seedlings, TOPSY TURVY!

So, recently, it was our father's birthday and, since he is a very, VERY hard person to shop for, my sister and I decided to jokingly/totally for realsy get him the amazing (fingers crossed) tomato planter.

Secretly, however, I reeeeallly got it for meself. WHY? Because I am intrigued, if not totally taken in by the lush, yet horribly pixelated, pictures of tomatoes on the box cover (and because of the late night infomercials, shhhh).

But now it's soooo much more! After a trip to OSH, we came away with these lovely ladies/fellas:

01/ Basel, the basil plant:

02/ (lt to rt) Guido, the Italian parsley + Binaca, the mint plant (had to place them cheek to cheek because of the lack of pots):

03/ (lt to rt) Fozzie, the heirlooms seedlings + Killer/Poison Apples, the Tiny Tims.



Try to keep up with my logic and reasoning here for a moment:

Topsy Turvy Planter >> tomatoes >> rotten tomatoes >> Fozzie Bear.


The tabs I had open the night I got the plants, et al. were, "How to care for tomato plants," "How much do I have to water plants," AND "Fozzie Bear, The Funniest Bear In The Universe," "Fozzie Bear, Best and Worst Jokes."

Soooo, as visual ode to my tomato seedlings....

Piggy: Scooter, if you had ten hot dogs and Skeeter took three of them what would you have?
Fozzie: He'd have a tummy ache! Wocka Wocka Wocka!

Fozzie: There was this sailor that was SO fat
Sailor: How fat was he?
Fozzie: Uh ... He was so fat that everybody liked him, and there was nothing funny about him at all.

p.s. I say "Wocka Wocka" at least once a week. Noooo joke. Personal Hero.

 All images found on GOOOOGLE.
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