Rings. No, RINGS! Eh. Rrrrings!

That post title's not catchy AT ALL, but it did the trick.

This is a post about RINGS.

I don't wear rings that often because I have some kind of weird "hand-claustrophobia" (like, anythings touching or surrounding my hands is AWWWWFULLLLL. The worst? Wearing tight dish washing gloves with hands submerged in hot water. Anxiety attacks!!)

However, these rings have been gracing my fearful hands recently and them do not seem to mind.
I borrowed the bear and knuckle ring from Jaya (and by "borrow," I mean everyday for the past... since whenever she got them in the mail). Both from Leviticus Jewelry.
I don't know when Jaya turned into a 90's hippie chick, but she's sporting multiple rings from various flea markets (namely Torrance and L.A. fleas).

Ever since I saw this eyeball ring on Hoy Fashion, I knew I had to find one. IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY!

Then about 2 weeks after seeing this ring, I find this at a flea market. BLAPITY BLAP:
p.s. Like that corpse-y dead hand of mine in the last photo?


Latest Haul.

The sister and I went to the Torrance Antique Faire/Flea Market the other week and here is a visual list of our awwwwesome purchases.

001/ Outfit
I took my "Giant Screamer's Formula For Eassssy Dressing", but exchanged the dress with an AA cream-colored crop top (from their factory outlet store in L.A.) and a black body-con black skirt from F21 (this skirt is my MOSSSST FAVORITE addition to my wardrobe- I wear at least 2-3 times a week).

Inside black bag: a $5 (working!!) Polaroid camera, a silver V-shaped ring (the seller said it was "big in the 70s"), a enamel bird pin, a 70s design layout book... possible some other things? I can't remember.

And those shoessss.....

002/ TUK Creepers:
IGOTSMESOMECREEPERS! I spied these pair at a vendors stall, but I thought they might be too small for me. But Jaya tried them on anyhow and, BLAPITY BLAP- they fit! I was able to talk down the vendor into giving me them for $13- YAY AREA (I would have totallyhappily paid the original $20 asking price, too).

003/ $1 JEWWWWELRY!:
There's this old man vendor that sells a pretttty bangin' array of cheap jewelry at the flea market (mostly everything is a sweet, sweet $1), and Jaya and I couldn't resist grabbing a handful of necklaces and shit.

Black heart necklace (this looks exactly like $45 vintage red heart necklace J bought at a antique mall in San Juan Capistrano):

(A crapppy photo of a) Unicorn pin:

004/ Ethnic-y bags
The tiny purple-ish one was a $1.50 (but from Deseret Industries Thrift Store); the other was $1 (interesting-ish fact: I saw an older Asian lady with this EXACT SAME BAG at Target. Weird... out of all of my purses...).

**Dance it out, people. DANCE. IT. OUT.