Feelin' Kinda Hinky + Under the Covers October Mixtapes, pt. II. (Plus alittle monkey action)

Here are the mixtapes that I sent out to my [The Monthly Mixtape] buddy. I've been enjoying my Halloween mixtape because it's the first one I've ever made and I ACTUALLY used songs/bands that I rarely listened to before now (i.e. Slint, The Crucifucks). ::10.09 Mixtape: Feelin' Kinda Hinky:: 01/ Devil Town (Daniel Johnston Cover): Noah and the Whale 02/ Goo Goo Muck: The Cramps 03/ Down To Rest: O'Death 04/ Sweet Pot: The Redneck Manifesto 05/ Halloween: Siouxsie and the Banshees 06/ We Share Our Mother's Health: The Knife 07/ Sewn Back: Dethklok 08/ California Uber Alles: Dead Kennedys 09/ Nosferatu Man: Slint 10/ You Give Me The Creeps: The Crucifucks 11/ Freaks Come Out At Night: Whodini 12/ Hang You From The Heavens: The Dead Weather 13/ You'll Find A Way (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix): Santogold 14/ Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover): Kidz Bop Kids 15/ Guess I'll Forget You: The Black Heart Procession 16/ Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Dickies ::10.09 Mixtape pt. II: Under The Covers:: 01/ Banquet: Slowbear The Great 02/ Careless Whisper: The Gossip 03/ No Diggity: The Klaxons 04/ The Great Escape: Dan Plus Add 05/ You Can Call Me Al: Hot Club De Paris 06/ Knife: Born Ruffians 07/ Choir Vandals: Ben Gibbard 08/ Heartbeats: Jose Gonzalez 09/ Forever Young: Youth Group 10/ Skulls: The Lemonheads 11/ House of the Rising Sun: Nina Simone 12/ Wild Is The Wind: Cat Power 13/ Speak To Me/Breathe: The Shins 14/ Boys Don't Cry: Japanther 15/ You're So Vain: Faster Pussycat 16/ Hoppipolla: We Are Scientists 17/ Over and Over: The Miserable Rich **A LITTLE EXTRA: Monkey Shines Thank you, George A. Romero, for making a movie about inappropriate monkey love. I forgot to write down the full quote (AHHHHH! IT WAS FUNNY AND AWESOME!) but the main character, Allan the quadriplegic (played by an overemotional Jason Beghe), looks down to Ella, his murder-crazed helper monkey, and says, "Go ahead and try something, fuck face." I laughed and laughed and rewounded it, like, five times. Who calls a monkey "fuck face" and means it? I do now.
I wish I could find a still of Ella the monkey stealing a neck hug! Question: Can you birth a murder monkey from your spine? Answer: Yes, especially after you've bitten it and shook it to death. All pictures found on Google Images


Have A Merry Halloween + Dive For Cover October Mixtape, pt I.

This month's mixtape option for [The Monthly Mixtape] was a Covers playlists, however both my partner and I decided to do an added Halloween playlist to keep in the spirits of the holiday. Here are the mixtapes that Karlientjeuh sent me: ::Have A Merry Halloween! Mixtape:: 01/ Mirror's Paradise: The Kovenant 02/ Panda Problem: The Panda 03/ Castlevania - Stage 3: The Advantage 04/ Tombstone Shadow: Creedence Clearwater Revival 05/ Ironclad: Sleater-Kinney 06/ Clockwork: CDOASS 07/ Engineer Fear: Birdy Nam Nam 08/ Anatonal: Stade 09/ F.V.K.: Bad Brains 10/ Ghosts Of You And Me: Less Than Jake 11/ Codename: Peabrain: The Lillingtons 12/ Skeletor/Beastman!: Gnarkill 13/ Evil Ways: Santana 14/ Tootled: Orbital 15/ Graveyard Girl: M83 16/ Into The Air : 16 Bitch Pile-Up 17/ Your Smile Makes Me Smile: RENEGADE ANDROID 18/ Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: The Emersons 19/ the universe is designed to break your mind: Burning Star Core ::Dive For Cover Mixtape:: 01/ Daniel: Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 02/ 32-20 Blues: Eric Clapton 03/ I Shall Be Released: Nina Simone 04/ While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Jake Shimabukuro 05/ Hotel California: Gipsy Kings 06/ You Can't Hurry Love: Phil Collins 07/ Feelings: The Offspring 08/ Smooth Operator: SeƱor Coconut 09/ Diamond Dogs: Beck 10/ Imagine: A Perfect Circle 11/ Hurt: Gregorian 12/ Rocket Man: My Morning Jacket 13/ Isolation: Therapy? 14/ Believe: Macha & Bedhead 15/ Jack The Ripper: The Horrors **OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST: From the Hello Kitty/Three Apple Exhibit @ Royal/T in Culver City. This is almost as good as "Kittens in Jars."
Kittens in Plexiglass walls! New internet phenomena.
Now I gots to go watch Monkey Shines. LLLLLAAAAAAATER.

"Looks like he eats babies.... babies of rock 'n roll singers."

A couple of years ago, I bought this zombie-laden DVD movie trio titled, "The Undead Rising." It includes Revolt of the Zombies, Night Of The Living Dead, AND HARD ROCK ZOMBIES. It wasn't until the other night that I finally got to watching the last movie. I can't even describe in my own words the... awesome horribleness?... of this movie. So, here's the description on the back cover:
When Cassie meets Jesse and his friends backstage, she warns them to stop their concert plans in Grand Guignol. The band takes it in stride but seeks refuge from the town's angry parents at a strange mansion. While rehearsing in the mansion's private gardens, they are all brutally killed by a sadistic family of freaks led by ADOLPH HITLER. Hitler comes out of hiding, and with a mysterious pieces of music, Cassie raises the band from the dead to stop Hitler by rocking one final time.
Is that what happened? I can't remember because I was waiting with bated breath for the return of HITLER. That's right: HITLER. Hitler, zombies, LPs, angry mobs, an badass cop with exposed chest hair, big hair, bomb songs, band montages, nudie lady showering, an underage love interest, and Eva Braun-werewolf style . All the makings of a A+++++ movie. **BEST QUOTE EVER: Dudemate #1 (looking at Hitler): What about him? Jesse: Beats the shit out of me. Looks like he eats babies.... babies of rock 'n roll singers.
"They came from the grave to rock 'n roll and MISBEHAVE." Sexy.
Big hair and zombification on left. Underage lust on right.
Pictures from Google Images.
**A LITTLE EXTRA (Kaya in REAL LIFE): My Dad (watching T.V.): Kaya! Come look at these shoes! Me (sauntering over to the couch): What? My dad points to a girl wearing 5" platform Mary Jane wedges with added ankle strap AND STUDS ALL OVER the straps and trim: That's cute! Me (silently in my head): My dad knows me.


"Thirty seconds after you're born you have a past and sixty seconds after that you begin to lie to yourself about it."

I did it. I watched David Cronenberg's The Brood last night and DIDN'T vomit all over myself. I watched Nola (played by Samantha Eggar) give birth to a hate baby and then proceed to lap up all the bloody baby remnants like she was mama cow cleaning off her new born calf. BBBLLLLAAAAAAAGGGGG. I just vomited now. Sorry, delayed reaction. I think I just gaped at the television when the baby licking began and my brain hasn't had time to process it until now. Sooooo, blllllalaaaagggg again. Oh, and that outer-body baby bag! And the baby/munchkin killers, a la "Village of the Damned"! Go wacky over these stills from The Brood. Just make sure you have a puke bucket handy.
The outer-baby bag holder thingy! WHHHHAAAAT, am I right? FUCKKK IT, that's messed up. Even hate spawn get all snuggled up in snow gear. How thoughtful. BROOD: (noun) a family of young animals produced at one hatching or birth. That's one bloody brood.
Tonight, I going to (try to) finish Hard Rock Zombies. There are promises of rock 'n roll, zombies, and Hitler, so it should be good, right?
All pictures from Google Images.



Finally, FINALLLLY, FINALLLLLLLLLLLY. The autumnal season was a little late to the party, but the other night it finally rained. It rained like a motherf-er and I sat outside to enjoy it. It's time to bust out all my tights and jackets (including the newly acquired, but completely unnecessary Anna Sui for Target plush raincoat). -- Ohhhhhh crapshackles. Jokes on me. The sun is coming out. AGGGGGHHHHHH it's going to be in the 90s this weekend. HATES YOU MOTHER NATURE. But don't go all The Haps on me. Um, no thanks Shama-lama-ding-dong. *JUST FOR JOLLIES: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Watch out for the popcorn and cotton candy guns!

"Popcorn" Why popcorn?!" "Cause they're clowns, that's why!"

So, I received The Brood from my Netflix queue but the DVD was tooooo jacked up to watch so I busted out my copy of Killer Klowns From Outer Space and it was FANTASTIC. Rock 'n roll clown fantasties DO come true. The first thing I said to myself when those pesky teens entered the circus/spaceship was, "I could live this big top of a mess."
I would probably vomit first (my stomach would have to adjust to the wacky lines and spirals), then I would regain my composure and get all kinds of excited, then I vomit again because of that whole killer clown nonsense/scariness. I could live with a room that was filled with people-filled cotton candy, if it was decorated like this. -- This is second reason (after It) clowns should scare EVERYONE.
"What are you going to do with those pies, boys?"
I think that this picture's telling me that you can still get Hep C from clown hookers? Clown hooka!
So, my dream house would look like this: -Exterior: house from Beetlejuice -Foyer: Entrance of big top spaceship from Killer Klowns From Outer Space. -Living room: Chocolate factory from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. -Basement: People-filled cotton candy cocoons (apparently available from Klowns 'R Us). **BONUS: Best song for a movie: Killer Klowns by The Dickies There's no audio to the video so just play the link above while you watch and sing along (because I know you will). "PT Barnum said it so long ago There's one born every minute don't you know Some make us laugh some make us cry These klowns honey gonna make you die Everybodys running when the circus comes into their town Everybodys gunning for the likes of the killer klowns from outer space... The ring mast shouts "Let the show begin" send in the klowns let them do you in see a rubber nose on a painted face bringing genecide to the human race its time to take a ride on a nightmare merry go round you'll be dead on arrival from the likes of the killer klowns from outer space... theres cotton candy in thier hands says the polka dotted man with a stalk of jacaranda they're all diabolical bozos all look around what do you see tell me what's become of humanity from california shores to new york times square barnum and bailey everywhere if you've ever wondered why the population's going down blame it on the plunder of the likes of the killer klowns from outer space"



image via apartmenttherapy.com via Kaya via AWESOME
Thanks to Kaya and her photo taking, photo uploading, and general flickr photo skills my somewhat newly accquired CAROUSEL OF DREAMS was featured on apartmenttherapy.com and... HOLY MOLY. BEYOOOOND FUCKING EXCITED. (all CAPS necessary.) The roundup post featured unconventional and/or repurposed jewelry storage ideas. Also included in the post was a vintage (or is it antique? Is there a difference? Oh wait, that's right -- no one cares.) ice cube tray and a vintage (natch) mug holder dealie. This more than makes up for the tetanus that I was almost FOR SURE at risk for when handling it pre-cleaning. No one likes lockjaw, people.

"It's like killing a unicorn, with like, a bomb."

On (the 2nd) Sunday (of the month), we went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and it was SAD. My natural hatred of people usually sets my mood for the day, but the prices and lack of inspiration made me extra pissy and ultra people-hate-y. $15 for a rusted out metal milk crate? $120 for a scratched up table? Indie/hipster gals and dicks looking the same as they did LAST year? I love people watching, but what's the point if everyone looks the same? Clean out your closets and get new clothes! Annnnnnyway, I tried to shake up my look (well, Jaya heavily "suggested" I go this route) and wore over-the-knee socks. Yes. I crammed my meaty calves and crackling knees in some Target-bought black socks.
The only picture of me with least amount of "moon-face."
Jaya went her tradish-y self while proclaiming her love for Coca-Cola.
Lovin the color of the background sky. I'm sure Jaya'll want a shirt in that color.
Highlights of the flea market:
On left: Just like me, with the awkward posing and freaky foot. On right: Going for the middle-school-yearbook classic picture pose of "hand underneath chin".
Should we have gotten this? Maybe. It's the best Mormon wedding dress/muumuu.
If it's another billion-ty months before I go back to the Rose Bowl Flea, I'm okay with that.


Strange Times.

Whenever Jaya and I go out we never really stray far from our normal haunts: thrift stores, flea markets, Target, Ikea (DAMMMMMNNN YOUSE and your never-available tv units), various eateries (mmmmm, meat pillows), and where ever shoes can be found. But last weekend we ventured out beyond our comfort zone (hey hey HEY!). Here is a photographic timeline of good times: 01\ Prep Time: We GOTS to look good before we go out (or at least decent):
Me awkwardly posing in a denim t-shirt dress and "tissue box" shoes.
Jaya showing off her almost-finished leather-armed/denim jacket.
02\ First Stop: Photo Shoot. We went to a photo shoot for Jaya's work at a loft/studio in Downtown L.A. so Jaya could lend a hand/dress the models/pretend care/snicker at bad hair.
Picture Montage Time!: Trying the Mosley Tribe sunglasses.
What in the WHHAAA? Jaya's scrawl as part of Sq.One logo.
Model dude & J's coworker busting some horizontal poses.
03\ Second Stop: Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. I wanted to see the "Where The Wild Things Are" Pop Up Shop and the costumes that Christian Joy made.
P.S. I didn't get a picture, but I COULD LIVE in that twig/branch cocoon of a display.
04\ Last Stop: Late lunch/early dinner at Grand Lux in the Beverly Center. The waiter was a creeper (he would make his way towards us but then would make a U-ie just a couple of feet shy of our table) but the food was good good. Mmmmm I had meat pillows with cheese (I don't remember the actual name but that's what it tasted like to me) while J went the "healthier" route and ate the salmon piccata. Well, that sounds less adventurous that I anticipated but whatevs. That's cool.


Open Windows Mixtape pt. II

Here is my Open Window mixtape and this time I decided to put some thought into it. WHHAAAA? I know. I divided it into 2 parts: the first half is "Daytime: Light and Breezy"- these are songs I would play obnoxiously loud in my car with the windows rolled down, fists in the air, and me just LOSING MY SHIT; the second half is "Nighttime: Moody"- see aforementioned description of previous half but insert "nighttime" and "moody." Most of these songs are old because: 1\ I'm a sad, sad creature of habit and will only listen to what I know and like and 2\ New music? What new music? It's tooo much to go looking for it. 09.2009 Open Windows Mixtape: 01 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody): Talking Heads 02 That's Entertainment: The Jam 03 Normandie: Shout Out Louds 04 Hounds of Love (Kate Bush Cover): The Futureheads 05 To Hell With Good Intentions: McLusky 06 Age of Consent: New Order 07 Sleepyhead: Passion Pit 08 The One U Love: Hail Social 09 Blood: Band Of Skulls 10 It's A Man's World: James Brown 11 It Gets Your Body Movin': Suckers 12 The Dillon Family Dancers: The Redneck Manifesto 13 Cold Fame: Band Of Skulls 14 Look After Me: Hot Chip 15 2 Wicky: Hooverphonic 16 Are U That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover): The Gossip 17 Summer Breeze: Seals & Croft -- *DISTURBING/OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST*: The other day, Jaya and I are jammin along in my car trying to catch the 110 freeway via the 5 when J spots the license plate of the white truck in front of us. It reads (from top to bottom): "Daddy's Little Girl... Mommy's Clone." AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Vomit in my mouth, vomit, vomit mouthfeel. We saw this just DAYS after Mackenzie Phillips made the entire world collectively dry heave (p.s. A LOT). Since we couldn't get a great picture of the vanity plate (that whole driving/moving car thing) here is this:
Some little dude lost their balloon to the air vents at LAX.