Lunatic Fringe.

For the past few months/years/lifetimes, I been on this "grow out my bangs/hair" bender. Inevitably, however, there is always someone('s beautiful, beautiful hair) that brings back to the dark side.

This time, it's Daisy Lowe.

Thanks GOOGLE for making me reevaluate me hair situation.
Ahhhhh, LOOK AT THOSE BANGS. Look at 'em! It's crazy bananas how shiny they are, let alone their fullness. Aggghhh, that sounds vaguely stalker-y.

Thanks again, GOOOGLE.

Maybe, MAYBE, with the right amount of wax, mousse, and hairspray, and probably the coaxing of a round brush and blowdryer, I, TOO, can achieve maximum fringe.

That is, before they grow tooo long and unruly.

Maybe? MAYBE.


Found all images via HOY, Google, and my sis.


Ohhh, that got old FAST. Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. LOOK IT UP. Greeeat song.


Hoooliday! CELEBRATE!! pt. II

I'm dedicating a ENTIRE post just to these last gift because it's proof that Christmas is a MAGICAL TIME.

Jaya has had her eye on those coveted Alexa Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell For LF Stores, but they were on backorder here in L.A. for the past few months. We both kinda forgot about it, mainly because she got these in the mail:

Fastforward to the day after Christmas and change the venue to Santa Barbara. We're walking down State St. when she spots a LF Store.
She looks at me and says, "I got to go over there and see if they have the shoes." BOOM. We see them in the window.

BOOOOM x 2. She makes a beeline for one of the staff. "Do you have those wedges, the Alexa, in a 10?"

BOOOOOOM X 3094823942398. Lady brings out 3 shoe boxes: the boots in patent leather in a 10; the regs in a 9 (she tells us that they run big so a 9 might fit); and these ridiculous(ly awesome) ones.

She tries on the 9s and they FIT LIKE A GLOVE (if a glove fit on a foot). I've never seen anyone more elated and crushed at the SAME TIME. "I have to get them. I cannot NOT get them now."
The Best Gifts Are For FREE.

Merry Christmas Jaba.

Hoooliday! CELEBRATE! pt. I

This is how WE DO (the holidays) in our household. Here are pictures (PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!) of things we did, things we got, and our lovable family. Enjoy!

001/ I busted out my forest green beret that I got in Paris a couple of years ago and Jaya is donning her new Rodarte For Target cardigan. Moments later, we yukk it up with our cousins via Skype.

002/ Cloooose up of me and my beret. Ohhhh, and I'm wearing one of my favorite buys of the year: a 90s-ish babydoll dress from the Salvation Army.

003/ Me and my aunt "listening in on" (aka eavesdropping) on the next door neighbors who are having loooud fight. DON'T JUDGE US ON WHAT KIND OF FUN WE HAVE.

004/ Jaya was the MOST WINNINGEST out of all of us. WHHHAAT the what, am I right?

005/ The day after Christmas, Jaya, our dad, and I drove up to SLO and SB, CA just for.... haha's? I dunno. We had a car and nothing to do. Mini road trip! Here's Jaya looking, I don't know... happily bemused? at the Vista Point.

006/ I'm wearing another one of Jaya's gifts to herself: the Rodarte For Target Denim Jacket.

007/ We duck inside a couple of antique stores in SLO and SB and we find these GEMS.


+ A spiked bracelet:

+A gooood read:

+ A USB Hub in the shape of tulips:



Happy Holidays!

I sent out some janky Christmas postcards to a couple of friends and HERE THEY ARE (enjoy):


Things We Didn't Buy (but maybe should have?): HATS Edition.

Me and hats don't work so well together. BOOOM. Said it.

Looking back at these photos of me in hats, however, made me revisit that thought. I looook all right, right? RIGHT!

No. Pourquoi? Here's the breakdown:  My big head + my thick hair = GIGANTIC HEAD = No go for most hats.

But what do I care about my noggin?? For the past few weeks, I've been squeezing my oversized cranium into any hat I could find. Sooooo, PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!

001/ Bowler Hat from Target: I feel pretty jackass-y in this hat. On others, it can totally work, but nots on me. Firstedofly, it is clearly tooooo small; even in the picture you can see it trying to crawl off my head. Secondishly, I feel like I'm a pair of Rayban Wayfarer's away from being a trend monster. RWOOOR.
Bowler Hat.

002/ Black Floppy Hat from Space 15/Twenty (aka Urban Outfitters in Hollywood): I actually liked this floppy hat look! I felt like a I either stepped out of Fried Green Tomatoes or Benny and Joon- really any Mary Stuart Masterson film in the early 90s. Shrrrrink, head, shrink! Or GROW, HAT, GROW.
Floppy Hat.

Floppy Hat.
Shed a tear or two.
003/ Green Floppy Hat from Macy's: Ummmm, no. Just NO.


004/ Red Beret from Target: Ohhhhh, this one fulfills my Parisian/Amelie dreams! But really, how often can I wear a red beret and feel okay with myself? Feels alittle TTH. But loooks adorable, right?
Red Beret.

005/ Pagliacci/Clown Hat from Zinnia's: BOUGHT THIS ONE. Yes. Out of any hat I could/would buy, I opted for this beauty. For any King Of The Hill fans out there: I feel very Tartuffe, The Spry Wonder Dog in this hat.
Pagliacci Hat.

One day, I will conquer you HATS!


R.I.P Brittany Murphy, aka Tai Fraiser.

Tai was one of the reasons I loved striped shirts and black choker necklaces in grade school. MISS YOU.

Image found on Google


I LOVESSSS YOU, BAND OF SKULLS (and too a lesser degree, Passion Pit)!

I saw one of my most favorite new bands of the year, Band Of Skulls, play with another '09 band fav, Passion Pit @ the Fox Theatre in Pomona, CA and it was TIIIIIIGHT/BADASSSSS/OUTIE 5000 (hahahaha, terrible).

My shoulder is a little achey (mmmm... I feels like it's gonna rain soon. hahahah, I feel elderly) so PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!

001/ What the WHHHAAA!

002/ Jaya and I looking like hoooookers walking to the venue (where 3048304348935 million teens were already waiting, in the rain).

003/ What I wore (I loovves me a nice floral):
Impossible + Sleepyhead.
+Fur scarf: my sister's.
+Watch: a gift dad (it's Czech!).
+Denim jacket: Old Navy.
+Floral dress: Nordstrom's Rack.
+Black tights: my sister's.
+Lace-up's: Justin Boots.
+Outer jacket (around my purse): Anna Sui For Target.

004/ Jaya and our friend, Mary, waiting it out as Plague Vendor do their screamo crap on stage (someone tell that front man that Axl Rose and Perry Farrell do it BETTER).

005/ OHHHH NO THEY DIDN'T. Ohhh, they did. Me and J bumpin' it to Montell Jordan's This Is How We Do It, which is blaring out the of PA system.

006/ Me getting tired of waiting for Passion Pit to perform.

007/ BAND OF SKULLS! Sorry, I don't have any pictures of Passion Pit on stage because, I was lazy? Whatevvvah.

008/ CRAZY LAST PART: I decided to take video of the show because I was tooo far away to take pictures (we grabbed seats in balcony during the first band, but were too comfortable to move after that). I got two videos (Patterns and Bleed) and decided for a third (Impossible-one of my favorites. one night, I played it, like, 1029382 times on repeat) WHEN THIS HAPPENED:

Watch the dickbag's hands...

**EXTRA EXTRA: Here are the video's I took of Band Of Skulls. They're cut short because I'm tooo cheap to buy into Pro on Flickr. That's too bad because you'll the laser light show I got when I taped Impossible. BE WARNED: These play like bootleg dvds- people walk in front of the camera, surrounding people are screaming, and my hands get a bit shaky (mmm.... it feels like it's gonna rain, again), so in short: JUST ENJOY THE (shitty quality) MUSIC.


"Is that a muppet face-hug on your... FACE?"

I am ON BOARD with fur collars worn as scarfs. It's like a super-soft muppet (my personal fav is Cookie Monster, natch) is hugging your face.

Ahhhhhh, a face hug from Cookie Monster with a little Grover thrown in IS NOW A DREAM OF MINE.

But since I'm not trolling around Sesame Street anytime soon, I'm going to keep on borrowing my sister's fur collars.

Here are some ladies who wear this look well:

She is ADORABLE. Found on Stockholm Street Style.

A fur collar + Swedish Hasbeens? NIIIICE. Found, I think, on Stil In Berlin.

Found this little lady on wardrobe_remix.
Sooo, this is how I wore it:

I was allll KINDS of 90s with my (almost) babydoll dress. wind-strewn hair, and black Docs.

You can find me strutting my shit here.

+Jacket (ohhh, next time leatha): Old Navy.
+Vintage fur scarf: taken off a vintage coat from Mission Thrift Bargain Store.
+Floral dress w/ pockets (or babydoll? ohhh): Salvation Army.
+Grey purse: Joy Gryson for Target.
+Tights: Sister's
+Boots: Docs.


Because my sister dressed better than me this weekend.

BIG UPS to my sister for going outside of her black/grey box and injecting (ohhhh, personal jab, Word Jumble!) some color into her outfit this weekend.

What she wore:
+Blonde hair: AU NATUREL. Hhahhaha.
+Sunglasses: newly acquired Mosley Tribe's in Tortoise.
+Heart Necklace: Vintage from an antique mall in SJC, CA.
+Ratty hoodie: Fairfax Flea Market.
+Denim Jacket: Target.
+Grey V: Misc.
+ZAZZY skirt: Salvation Army.
+Thigh highs: American Apparel.
+Suede boots: ?? Ebay?

p.s. That vintage heart necklace was one of the best purchases IN HER LIFE.

p.p.s. Because I can't stop listening to this song on this crisply cold, yet sunny day:


Ring, ring! Ring, ring!

Jaya's has gotten into some  RIDICULOUS ring choices recently and here is her most recent purchase(s):

Rings from Made Her Think.

These are rings from Made Her Think's "In Stock For the Holiday" collection. She got the Diamond Pendulum Ring Pave and the Siren Knuckle Buster-Metal 

I believe Jaya told me that she was giving me the diamond-shaped ring as an early Christmas gift. Hhhhmmmm, uh huh, YES SHE DID. (YES YOU DID JAYA).

The hang tag and card that accompanied the rings were just as intriguing as the rings.

MHT Frontside.
MHT Backside.

The hang tag.
** A LITTLE EXTRA: Florence + The Machine::
Covering Beirut's Postcards To Italy (it's beautiful):

Galaxy Of The Lost: