Because my sister dressed better than me this weekend.

BIG UPS to my sister for going outside of her black/grey box and injecting (ohhhh, personal jab, Word Jumble!) some color into her outfit this weekend.

What she wore:
+Blonde hair: AU NATUREL. Hhahhaha.
+Sunglasses: newly acquired Mosley Tribe's in Tortoise.
+Heart Necklace: Vintage from an antique mall in SJC, CA.
+Ratty hoodie: Fairfax Flea Market.
+Denim Jacket: Target.
+Grey V: Misc.
+ZAZZY skirt: Salvation Army.
+Thigh highs: American Apparel.
+Suede boots: ?? Ebay?

p.s. That vintage heart necklace was one of the best purchases IN HER LIFE.

p.p.s. Because I can't stop listening to this song on this crisply cold, yet sunny day:

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