As Jayayayaya posted up (weeks ago- ekk, sorry) we went to the Sleigh Bells show @ The Glass House in Pomona and it was RIDICULOUS.

\\We had 4'11" midge-y girls standing in front of us and 6'2" giant teenage girls in the back of us (are teens freaks now??)

\\I ALMOST saw (another) fight break out because of the violent moshing (which was happening to my immediate left)- one of the guys about yelled at me at one point and said, "Blahblahbalaha. You know what I mean, right?!" and I think I gave him a dirty look? I probably did.

\\Down the street was a Bright Eyes show (@ the Fox)? Weird? Especially since parking was pretty easy to find.

Since Jayayay already posted a couple of the great pictures she took, here are a some of the opening acts:

+Nylon Pink:
 +Rye Rye:
 +Inside the bathroom: my type of toilet humor.
+Annnnd one more of the fantastic Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells:

Next show: Donald Glover/Childish Gambino @ the Music Box!! Yaaaaay for being less of an old biddy and trying to go out more! Especially DURING the week, and not just weekends!! Yaaay!


That's Sooo Stochastic: The Random+Random Edition.

Jajajaja recently did a "6 CONFESSIONS" post, and like with most of our lives, I'ms a'gonna copy her because I really have nothing new or exciting to write as of late.

But I really hate the idea of confessing my horrible, horrible sins and lifestyle ways to the internets (remember people: anything and everything you put online will haunt you later in life, if not your dreams), so here are just some random thoughts and things about me and/or that have popped into head that need documenting.
001/ Read and finished this book a couple of months ago (because I love the movie so much):
I didn't loooove it looove it as much the movie (I mean, who doesn't love Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman??), but if you want a book that might make you wonder about the monster living around you and inside of you, then go for it. What REAAALLY got me, though? Exchange some of the Armani/Oliver Peoples/Ferragamo references with, I dunno, Rick Owens/Karen Walker/No. 6 shoes, and this book couldbewouldbe a relevant reflection of current society. What? BLEW. YOUR.  MIND.

002/ Currently reading (because science+religion+Carl Sagan intrigues me):

003/ I've been obsessed with finding the DEKOPON, aka Satsuma, or the Sumo Orange (origins: Japan):
The almost 15-year journey of the Dekopon to the States reads like a hard pulp mystery novel of the 1930s and 40s. Orange lovers smuggling forbidden seeds from Japan; farmers sneakily grafting branches onto fruit trees; the off-the-level sweetness that seduces everyone who tastes it; the SECRETSLIES(no videotape?)ORANGESMANDRINSTANGERINES! Read the article that forced me to search for this citrus- which I eventually found at the Japanese market. Thoughts: Fortunately, it IS as sweets as described; unfortunately, it still taste like a tangerine.

004/ If Kristy Thomas from The Babysitters' Club were an adult (...and real) she'd be Julia from Perfect Couples.
Anyone watch "Perfect Couples" on NBC? No? Anyone? All right, whatevs, I LIKE IT. After watching the first few episodes, I was all like (to myself), "OMG, Julia IS Kristy. Totally Kristy." Similarities: both are prettty sporty and competitive; both are "mistakened" for lesbians ("It's the way you walk. It's confusing."); the badly, BABLY done-up hair; their inabilites to flirt or take a compliment ("I don't even... I don't even know... WHAAT?!"); and their way of forcing their bodies to heal themselves.

005/ The words "JIGGAWATTS" and "SCHADENFREUDE" have been running nonstop through my mind. Say it to yourselves: "Jiggawatts". "Schadenfreude" (pronounced: sha-den-freud-ah, and throw a lil Germanic accent to it). Doesn't it feel nice? Yaaah. Schadenfreude. Now scream this next quote when you're zooming down the freeway:
Mmmm hmmm, Doc Brown knows.

Ohhh, not THOSE types of CDs, silly! I mean the $$ type, "Certificates of Deposit" (click on link to learn about them). After getting my tax refund, I thought (agains, to myself), "I should TOOOTALLY be adult about this." I'm at an age where money needs are real and important (like, I dunnnno, paying off my student loans and getting myself to a bigass trip??), and ICAN'TBELIEVEI'MSAYING THIS, but I want my money to work for me. The interest on my savings account is shit and the $$ sitting in my checking account is LAZY. I know I gonna sound old, but save your money kids!

006b/ Lastly, because GIFSAREMYLIFE:
from fuckclub.tumblr.com
Ohhhh, and all photos and pics found on Goooooogle Images.