Lunatic Fringe.

For the past few months/years/lifetimes, I been on this "grow out my bangs/hair" bender. Inevitably, however, there is always someone('s beautiful, beautiful hair) that brings back to the dark side.

This time, it's Daisy Lowe.

Thanks GOOGLE for making me reevaluate me hair situation.
Ahhhhh, LOOK AT THOSE BANGS. Look at 'em! It's crazy bananas how shiny they are, let alone their fullness. Aggghhh, that sounds vaguely stalker-y.

Thanks again, GOOOGLE.

Maybe, MAYBE, with the right amount of wax, mousse, and hairspray, and probably the coaxing of a round brush and blowdryer, I, TOO, can achieve maximum fringe.

That is, before they grow tooo long and unruly.

Maybe? MAYBE.


Found all images via HOY, Google, and my sis.


Ohhh, that got old FAST. Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. LOOK IT UP. Greeeat song.
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