Hoooliday! CELEBRATE!! pt. II

I'm dedicating a ENTIRE post just to these last gift because it's proof that Christmas is a MAGICAL TIME.

Jaya has had her eye on those coveted Alexa Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell For LF Stores, but they were on backorder here in L.A. for the past few months. We both kinda forgot about it, mainly because she got these in the mail:

Fastforward to the day after Christmas and change the venue to Santa Barbara. We're walking down State St. when she spots a LF Store.
She looks at me and says, "I got to go over there and see if they have the shoes." BOOM. We see them in the window.

BOOOOM x 2. She makes a beeline for one of the staff. "Do you have those wedges, the Alexa, in a 10?"

BOOOOOOM X 3094823942398. Lady brings out 3 shoe boxes: the boots in patent leather in a 10; the regs in a 9 (she tells us that they run big so a 9 might fit); and these ridiculous(ly awesome) ones.

She tries on the 9s and they FIT LIKE A GLOVE (if a glove fit on a foot). I've never seen anyone more elated and crushed at the SAME TIME. "I have to get them. I cannot NOT get them now."
The Best Gifts Are For FREE.

Merry Christmas Jaba.
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