Hoooliday! CELEBRATE! pt. I

This is how WE DO (the holidays) in our household. Here are pictures (PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!) of things we did, things we got, and our lovable family. Enjoy!

001/ I busted out my forest green beret that I got in Paris a couple of years ago and Jaya is donning her new Rodarte For Target cardigan. Moments later, we yukk it up with our cousins via Skype.

002/ Cloooose up of me and my beret. Ohhhh, and I'm wearing one of my favorite buys of the year: a 90s-ish babydoll dress from the Salvation Army.

003/ Me and my aunt "listening in on" (aka eavesdropping) on the next door neighbors who are having loooud fight. DON'T JUDGE US ON WHAT KIND OF FUN WE HAVE.

004/ Jaya was the MOST WINNINGEST out of all of us. WHHHAAT the what, am I right?

005/ The day after Christmas, Jaya, our dad, and I drove up to SLO and SB, CA just for.... haha's? I dunno. We had a car and nothing to do. Mini road trip! Here's Jaya looking, I don't know... happily bemused? at the Vista Point.

006/ I'm wearing another one of Jaya's gifts to herself: the Rodarte For Target Denim Jacket.

007/ We duck inside a couple of antique stores in SLO and SB and we find these GEMS.


+ A spiked bracelet:

+A gooood read:

+ A USB Hub in the shape of tulips:

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