Happy New Year's.

I was driving with my sister on New Year's Eve, when I turned to her and said, "2010 is gonna SUCK."

She just laughed and laughed and laughed at me and said, "What did you just say?!"

Ohhh, I should take that back. Maybe. Whatever.

Happy New Year.

One resolution I really want to promise myself: BE MORE PROLIFIC. With this blog; with my Etsy listings; with all things general in life.

That resolution isn't really for anyone but myself. Why? Because I gots to tighten up my typing skills (or lack other of, according to my sister's snickering face) and, again, I should really learn more about my computer. I know it's screaming at me, "I CAN DO MORE THAN SEND EMAILS, TROLL AROUND FACEBOOK/FLICKR, AND STALK PEOPLE!!"

Message RECEIVED, computer.

And maybe, MAYBE, I should stop "sounding/looking" cynical. The way I sound, the way I look to others, in general the way I come off to other people... I can be a little (more than) off putting. Opppps. I don't mean it REALLLY.

Is this coming off as cynical/sarcastic, funny, or uplifting? Ahhhhh, I'll take "funny."

2010, don't make a fool outta me!
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