Goals ACTUALIZED. Maybe. Ehhh, soon? BOOM.

Evidence of my janky-ass handwriting (aka AWESOME) and my love of lists. HOOLLLLA.
Other week, when my sister and I were having a late lunch @ Ichima, she gave me this wide-eye look and said, "YOU should make a list! You know, of things you want to do and go!! Exclamation point, exclamation point!!!" She was all KINDS of excited when she handed me one of the many, many pens floating around her bag and a discarded pay stub envelope. Here is what we managed to come up with in between stuffing our faces. ENJOY:
  1. Move to/(or AT LEAST) visit Helsinki, Finland.
  2. Move to/(and MOST LIKELY) visit Stockholm, Sweden.
  3. Hand make and hand bind a "A Big Book of Crap (aka 'stuff')". Screenprint images, cut-out construction paper animals, crudely hand-drawn patterns; all in all, another way to remember the things I love.
  4. Hunt for as many thrift stores and flea markets in the Greater Southern California area. *REMINDER: Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Culver City? And OHHHH, the fabled flea markets of Yucca Valley and surrounding desert cities! Done.
  5. Get my shoulder/upper sleeve tattoo DONE already. Quit crying about it and GET IT DONE (and doner).
  6. Get Baboooshka tattoo; thanks-a-plenty for letting that one goooo, Jaya.
  7. Do something with WOOOD; i.e. woodburning images, build-a-wooden-box, BUT NOT whittling. *REMINDER: look up that homie who does those ink relief pressings of wood grain.
  8. Go BACK to Salton Sea (see: Niland), Yucca Valley (see: flea markets), 29 Palms, and Joshua Tree (see: night photography, building my future desert oasis).
  9. Cook/bake more things from scratch: i.e. cookies, bread, tastier cupcakes, biscuits, smoked salmon, NUTELLA. *REMINDER: create an picture album entitled "I Can't Stop Stuffing My Face or Holding Forks and Knives in my Hands." I gots, like, 343984238 pictures. DONE.
  10. Find a HOBBY.
  11. Watch AS MUCH T.V. as humanly possible (and movies), via Netflix. i.e. Parker Lewis Can't Lose (half way finished!!!), The Wire, The Professional, Legend of Billie Jean (for hair cutting/bleach blonde tips).
  12. MORE Waterfalls! I don't think that I've seen enough of these glorious phenomenons in my life time. *REMINDER: Niagra Falls, Eaton Canyon.
  13. Get HEALTHY. But still take as many "stuffing my face/fork & knife in hand" pictures.
  14. Eat breakfast. Hopefully, that doesn't negate former.
  15. OHHHHH ohhhh: LOOK LESS SCOWLY-FACED. I've gotten tooooo many compliments on how "angry", "bitchy", or "ANGRY" I look in person. Me standing around = Me pissed off? Apparently.
  16. Finish reading books. I can start me a book, but finishing it is a whole 'nother ordeal. *REMINDER: Lolita, American Psycho, Lamb, The Fountainhead, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, amongst others.
  17. Carlsbad: go to the Painted Hills in San Diego, CA and go to the Caverns in AZ.
  18. Visit Machcu Pichcu, Peru. Save up enough $$ to buy awesome masks, ponchos, beanies, and a bundle of alpacas/llamas.
  19. Pare down closet, drawers, and cabinets. I gots, like, 10 jeans and 23840923842 jean shorts, but I only wear 3 of the former and 4 of the latter. I also have enough grey t-shirts to last me 20 life times. That's not good.
  20. Go back to Paris and London to find thrift shops and tattoo parlors (to buy SLAMMIN' shoes and fur coats, and to get sad, ill-advised tattoos of the Eiffel Tower and Harry Potter).
  21. LASTLY (for now): Learn how to write more SUCCINCTLY and CONCISELY. Ain't nobody going to read this great American novel of a post.

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  1. 1. I like your handwriting.
    2. I share some of your goals. :)