Just Another Mixtape: November Issue

Hhhhhhoooohhhhh... almost forgot this post. Woka woka.

Be entertained with this while I catch up on my weekend/Thanksgiving post(s).
This month's mixtape tape theme over at [The Monthly Mixtape] was "1, 2, 3, 4"- meaning first song had to be one minute long, second song would be two minutes, and so on and so forth. Only catch: the playlist can only be 10 minutes long.

Coooool, cool. I decided to be a team player and I played by the rules (YOU CANNOT BOX ME IN!) and the theme. Here is what I came up with (I really tried hard not to make the last few songs completely instrumental and I think I did alll right):

This is what I sent to my pard'ner, witchywoman.
::11.09 Mixtape:: One, Two, Three, and More::
01/ Moments With Oliver: Rachel Yamagata
02/ Teenage Timebomb: The Okmoniks
03/ Tessellate: Toyko Police Club
04/ Jailbreak: Thin Lizzy
05/ "En Gallop": Joanna Newsom
06/ Sunflower River Blue: John Fahey
07/ Sometime Later: Alpha
08/ Lament For The Aurochs: The Sword
09/ Into Dust (Mazzy Star Cover): Ashtar Command
10/ The Only Moment We Were Alone: Explosions In The Sky

And here is the playlist that she sent to me:

01/ Our Spring Is Sweet Not Fleeting: Of Montreal
02/ The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1: Neutral Milk Hotel
03/ The Songs That We Sing: Charlotte Gainsbourg
04/ Sing, Theresa Says: Greg Laswell
05/ April Fools: Rufus Wainwright
06/ No Cars Go: The Arcade Fire
07/ Delilah: The Dresden Dolls
08/ Gerdur: Sigur Ros
09/ Old Whore's Diet: Rufus Wainwright
10/ Light: Ben Lee


Jaya got me this t-shirt:

While she's rocking this one almost everyday:

Hahahahaha! How contradictory. Snag them from Print Liberation.
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