"Hell is behind that door! You're going to meet death now... the LIVING DEAD!"

Several years ago when I saw Suspiria in the "Horror Films" section at Blockbuster, I debated with myself whether I should rent it or not. It looked soooooo coooooool sitting there rack but I didn't know anything about it and I didn't want to waste the precious $3.50 sitting in my pocket. So I left it. I probably rented some other sad-sack horror movie (Uzumaki, anybody? Anybody? No? Confusion doesn't equal scary... and neither do spirals) and didn't think about for years. HIGH FIVE TO ME because I finally rented it! High five! Elbow five! And. I. LOVED. IT. I forgive Dario Argento for making the soft-core porn terribleness that was Jenifer (she was the true meaning of "butter face"). But I'm not gonna lie- I don't think I fully understood what happened in the end? Maybe? Upward inflection? But that doesn't matter because it is visually stunning and I do believe I gasped (in horror, nonetheless) during each murder scene. Death by hanging, via skylight? Brutal. Death by barbed wire entanglement? NEW NIGHTMARE. Here are the shitty pictures I took of my t.v. screen. If you squint reaaallly closely, you can see images from the movie:
What is HAPPENING here?! I could live in this hallway/foyer.
It's a pinkish/mauve colored room with Escher-like birds painted on the walls and art deco-styled windows. And a huge urn, natch.
Ummm, YES. Yes to everything in this room.
I had to stitch this together (likes my skillz? hahahah ohhhh).
I would live in this movie if I didn't think I'd die in some horrible fashion.
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