Gobble, Gobble (aka What I Did This Loooong Holiday Weekend) pt. I

I ate.

I baked.

I slept.

I pal-ed around with the family.

I watched A LOT of StormChasers on the Discovery Channel (NO JOKE. I forced Jaya to watch, like, 8+ hrs of Reed Timmer, Tim Samarias, and Sean Casey literally chase storms and tornadoes all over Middle America. Yes yes, it IS FASCINATING. I see you rollllling your eyes. DON'T JUDGE ME.).

DON'TS BELIEVE ME?! Here's some pictures and commentary to back up my story.

THURSDAY: Gobble Gobble Day.
For Thanksgiving dinner, J and I baked and baked, and then screwed up, and then baked some more. We ate the final products before we could take pictures, but we made a few things:
01/ Graham-cracker crust cheesecakes.
02/ Oreo-crusted cheesecakes.
03/ Graham cracker/Oreo crusted mousse pies/
04/ Chocolate mousse-filled napoleon-ish desserts with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
05/ Bread.

Here is the delicious spread cooked mostly by my aunt. Thanks a'plenty!

Usually, I can bake a French loaf of bread like nobody's business, but I couldn't DO IT this Thanksgiving! Dannnngle! So here's is a picture of a better loaf from better time, a better place.

Here is what I wore (which is me, basically, wearing my favorite denim jacket and my favorite floral skirt. BIG SURPRISE) and me acting likes a goofsball!:
I scream for florals and brown shoes!

FRIDAY: Dad's Birthday! Many, many happy returns, DAD!
Soooo, the following day, there was even more eating and merry-making to be had because it was me dad's birthday! Jaya and I got him this amazing thing, as well as this Sans Rival cake (look it up- it's DIABOLICAL).

Here is the cake, after cut, before face-stuffing:
  At one point, it did say, "Happy Birthday DAD."
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