A Good Read: "The Thin Man."

I finished Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man and it was fun and easy read.

I bought the book at the Melrose Trading Post/Fairfax Flea Market because of two things:
01\ I came to love noir detective fiction in college and
02\ The artwork on the cover is AWESOME.

The cover art seems contradictory to the story and the time period (set in the 1930s), but that's what makes it interesting and attractive.

Plus, that thin man image on the cover IS DASHIELL HAMMETT HIMSELF. Whaaaaaa? Cool.

I like how literal the cover is, as well. The Thin Man title + a thin man image = no room for error.

Cover photograph of Dashiell Hammett as the thin man by Azarnick; who did the cover art is unknown.

If you remember and loved Hart to Hart, then you'll like this (just add more booze and professionalism, but a lot less $$).

Love you, Nick and Nora Charles.
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