What a WEEKEND! pt. II: 90s plaid, the Metro, and Little Tokyo.

Daaaannnnngle, I've, kinda maybe already, forgotten the events of this past weekend (save for Dethklok). There was some shopping somewhere, me butching it up in a plaid jacket, the Metro, and Little Toyko.

I have to refer back to the pictures that my sister and I took... ohhhh okay! The series of events is coming back to me! WHHHHHAAAT.

Jaya was on a mission to find an outfit for her Christmas party, and, so far, she only had a pair of 5" wedge platforms to work off of. So, we hit the Salvation Army and Aaardvarks in Pasadena. Why thrifts stores/vintages shops? Jaya says that "she doesn't feel right in new clothes," which roughly translates to, "I WILL WRECK anything vaguely new. Not on purpose. But you know."

The Salvation Army was a bust/find! Bust: nothing to wear for J's party; Find: a floral/white bathing suit and a very 90s floral/grey henley for this lady. I have to remind myself to take pictures of both. PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES. Alll right, stored that in the memory bank. Boooosh.

Aaardvark's was a high-five for J because she managed to find a dress/skirt. HIGH FIVE! I wished we had taken a picture of the whole thing, alas we butchered the shirt part of the dress (which is fine by me because I was getting some serious "sad art teacher living in Georgia O'Keeffe haze" vibe from it) .There's no use in describing it now because her whole outfit looks better in person/picture form.

Okay, too much rambling, not enough pictorial distractions. Here is what I wore.

I got that wonderfully 90s plaid hoodie from the Salvation Army. It's oooold Quiksilver and soft to the touch.

Still trying to perfect my facial posing. Getting a wee bit better.

Jaya looked at me while we were walking and said, "You should get Zachary Ty Bryan's haircut. You know the one" and then she makes a "shaving the back of your head motion." (I wish I could find a picture of his terribly awesome haircut! Ayyyy, just go watch early episodes of Home Improvement and you'll see what I'm talking about).

I THINK she's trying to tell me to just take my 90s era adoration to the next, if not ultimate, level. WE'LL SEE JAYA.

Last week, the Gold Line on the Metro extended it's stops beyond the Union Station so we decided to venture out to Little Tokyo.

However, we almost didn't make it there because of my horrible experience of installing a new modem/router at the house. It was painful, long, and made me want to slit my wrists.

Anyway, Little Tokyo was funn-er than anticipated (that morning's internet debacle was SOUL CRUSHING). I tried on a sequined onesie and tight (both literally & figuratively) tortoise-ish sunglasses at some new store (name: maybe Kimski? Kimki?); ate some decent shabu shabu at Shabu Shabuyo; and lastly, got some of my favorite Japanese treats from the local Japanese market, Nijiya Market.

Picture montage time!

Some of the sweetest and best tasting treats EVER TO BE MADE BY MAN. Thank you, Japanese food makers.

Oh my jebus, I'm tiring of typing. Later.

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