Same Difference.

One of the biggest falsehoods that people assume when you're a twin is, "Oh! You have twice as many clothes!"


We have A LOT of clothes between us, but rarely do we have duplicates (save, of course, for a handful of jeans and v-necks. And socks.). Instead, we do a "clothes shuffle" and cart, back and forth, filled-to-the-brim bags between our places.

This "share and share alike" mentality has come to fruition over the last two weekends. We bought this mustard colored dress (I loved the cut of the dress and she loved the color) at a [not so local] thrift store and we had our own ideas of how to wear it.

I knowwww that we're wearing the same jangles and belts, but she's in a faux leather jacket and thigh highs! I'm in wooden platforms and denim jacket (not shown)! Kinda different! Kinda the same!

ME: I went for the whole "ladies who lunch (in desert climate)" look. I added a touch of "southwestern flavor" to Robertson Blvd. that afternoon. The face? Quasi-rich people and the lurking papparazzi frighten me.
Same Difference.

SHE: Jaya went the "Necessary Roughness" route and threw on some mean shades, a faux leather jacket, and a chunky knit sock.

Ohhh, we should try this experiment again and TRY HARDER. Seriously, different jangles, different color schemes, and, maybe, different faces? UGHHHHH, were are you weirdo female model from What I Hate About Me?! You WERE AWESOME.

**A LITTLE EXTRA: Where did we get this awesome idea to dress the same but different? We stole it, natch. Specifically from the Dinner Party Download's interview with the Watson Twins (listen to it because it's brillant). The Watson Twins said that they wished that they had a food show where they each get the same ingredients BUT (here's the twist) they make two totally different dishes. WHAT?! Brillant, right. Someone get a-choppin' and make this happen! 

Found via publicradio.org
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