Just Another Mixtape: December Issue.

This post is coming to HAUUUUNT you from the paaassst.

Woka woka. 

The mixtape for December at [The Monthly Mixtape] was, of course, THE BEST OF 2009. There was another option for "The Best Of The Decade: 2000s," but that was too epic of a task for me.

So here it is! It's not my ULTIMATE 2009 playlist, but pretttty close. If it were up to me, I would've gone "All Rush Mixtape"-style and just send out the entire album of Band of Skulls and The xx, with a smattering of El Perro Del Mar (who I totally forgot about! Look her up- Lykke Li-ish). Oh, and Fever Ray. I LOVE FEVER RAY (and all of Sweden).

Sooo, here is the mixtape I sent to my mixtape partner, landmarcattack. Click on the title if you want to downloads it.

::12.09 Mixtape:: Best Of 2009::
01/ Pump Yr Brakes: Amazing Baby.
02/ Impossible: Band Of Skulls (my favorite band of the year!).
03/ Beach Baby: Bon Iver.
04/ I Cut Like A Buffalo: The Dead Weather.
05/ When I Grow Up: Fever Ray.
06/ My Boy Builds Coffins: Florence + The Machine.
07/ It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry: Glasvegas.
08/ Cheerleader: Grizzly Bear.
09/ Pursuit Of Happiness: Kid Cudi.
10/ I've Got Your Number: Passion Pit.
11/ Meet and Greet: Slaraffenland.
12/ Know Better Learn Faster: Thao + The Get Down Stay Down.
13/ New Fang: Them Crooked Vultures.
14/ Crystalised: The xx


These are a few of the photos I loved in 2009. All pictures are taken with 100-200 speed 35mm film with 8M or regular Lomo cameras (except, of course, the polaroid picture). Digital pictures SUCK compared to grainy, overexposed, real-to-the-touch photos.

Me & Mary
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