"It's not magic, Michael. It's an ILLUSION."

Style-spiration photos are clogging up my hard-drive so I started "tumblr"-ing @ www.itsanillusionmichael.tumblr.com.

If you gots to ask me where that quote's from then WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS.


**Wink wink** CREEEEPER. Looks like I learned how to wink from a molester! "I gots candy in the back of my dirty vans kiiiids. Wants some candy?" HAHAHAHAHA. It makes me laugh and laugh and gasp in horror. Ohhh, and that day I was paying homage to Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused in this lovably soft sweater from some thrift store.

Gettin' FACED by the Tapper!
It's just missing the word Seniors. And yes/no if my friend is giving me the finger.
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