Today Was A Good Day.


My top 4 reason's Ice Cube knows what he's rapping about:
001. Today was the first day at my new temp job (what WHAT!) and as horrifying and nerve wrecking as that can be, isn't actually wasn't that bad. I was trying my hardest to not be my normal, surly self and instead, I was attentive and responsive.

002. My horoscope via The Los Angeles Times:
If you are striving to join a group or make headway in a new career, this is an auspicious day. A handshake is the beginning. Your intellligent questions will create an opening.
003. The music playing today was RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME:

  • Right before heading into work: Van Halen's Running With The Devil.
  • While at work, the supervisor (50-ish, white man from the Northwest) played blocks of: Hall &  Oates (first song of the day: I Can't Go For That), Foreigner, and Prince.
  • On the drive home, a block of Lauren Hill played on 93.5 KDAY (read: Doo Woop (That Thing)).
004. I'm trying to figure out what "business casual" means. 80s pantsuits? Polos and khakis? Agggh, gross. But I gets to play around with my clothes now!

It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube

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