Feelin' Kinda Hinky + Under the Covers October Mixtapes, pt. II. (Plus alittle monkey action)

Here are the mixtapes that I sent out to my [The Monthly Mixtape] buddy. I've been enjoying my Halloween mixtape because it's the first one I've ever made and I ACTUALLY used songs/bands that I rarely listened to before now (i.e. Slint, The Crucifucks). ::10.09 Mixtape: Feelin' Kinda Hinky:: 01/ Devil Town (Daniel Johnston Cover): Noah and the Whale 02/ Goo Goo Muck: The Cramps 03/ Down To Rest: O'Death 04/ Sweet Pot: The Redneck Manifesto 05/ Halloween: Siouxsie and the Banshees 06/ We Share Our Mother's Health: The Knife 07/ Sewn Back: Dethklok 08/ California Uber Alles: Dead Kennedys 09/ Nosferatu Man: Slint 10/ You Give Me The Creeps: The Crucifucks 11/ Freaks Come Out At Night: Whodini 12/ Hang You From The Heavens: The Dead Weather 13/ You'll Find A Way (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix): Santogold 14/ Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover): Kidz Bop Kids 15/ Guess I'll Forget You: The Black Heart Procession 16/ Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Dickies ::10.09 Mixtape pt. II: Under The Covers:: 01/ Banquet: Slowbear The Great 02/ Careless Whisper: The Gossip 03/ No Diggity: The Klaxons 04/ The Great Escape: Dan Plus Add 05/ You Can Call Me Al: Hot Club De Paris 06/ Knife: Born Ruffians 07/ Choir Vandals: Ben Gibbard 08/ Heartbeats: Jose Gonzalez 09/ Forever Young: Youth Group 10/ Skulls: The Lemonheads 11/ House of the Rising Sun: Nina Simone 12/ Wild Is The Wind: Cat Power 13/ Speak To Me/Breathe: The Shins 14/ Boys Don't Cry: Japanther 15/ You're So Vain: Faster Pussycat 16/ Hoppipolla: We Are Scientists 17/ Over and Over: The Miserable Rich **A LITTLE EXTRA: Monkey Shines Thank you, George A. Romero, for making a movie about inappropriate monkey love. I forgot to write down the full quote (AHHHHH! IT WAS FUNNY AND AWESOME!) but the main character, Allan the quadriplegic (played by an overemotional Jason Beghe), looks down to Ella, his murder-crazed helper monkey, and says, "Go ahead and try something, fuck face." I laughed and laughed and rewounded it, like, five times. Who calls a monkey "fuck face" and means it? I do now.
I wish I could find a still of Ella the monkey stealing a neck hug! Question: Can you birth a murder monkey from your spine? Answer: Yes, especially after you've bitten it and shook it to death. All pictures found on Google Images
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