"Popcorn" Why popcorn?!" "Cause they're clowns, that's why!"

So, I received The Brood from my Netflix queue but the DVD was tooooo jacked up to watch so I busted out my copy of Killer Klowns From Outer Space and it was FANTASTIC. Rock 'n roll clown fantasties DO come true. The first thing I said to myself when those pesky teens entered the circus/spaceship was, "I could live this big top of a mess."
I would probably vomit first (my stomach would have to adjust to the wacky lines and spirals), then I would regain my composure and get all kinds of excited, then I vomit again because of that whole killer clown nonsense/scariness. I could live with a room that was filled with people-filled cotton candy, if it was decorated like this. -- This is second reason (after It) clowns should scare EVERYONE.
"What are you going to do with those pies, boys?"
I think that this picture's telling me that you can still get Hep C from clown hookers? Clown hooka!
So, my dream house would look like this: -Exterior: house from Beetlejuice -Foyer: Entrance of big top spaceship from Killer Klowns From Outer Space. -Living room: Chocolate factory from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. -Basement: People-filled cotton candy cocoons (apparently available from Klowns 'R Us). **BONUS: Best song for a movie: Killer Klowns by The Dickies There's no audio to the video so just play the link above while you watch and sing along (because I know you will). "PT Barnum said it so long ago There's one born every minute don't you know Some make us laugh some make us cry These klowns honey gonna make you die Everybodys running when the circus comes into their town Everybodys gunning for the likes of the killer klowns from outer space... The ring mast shouts "Let the show begin" send in the klowns let them do you in see a rubber nose on a painted face bringing genecide to the human race its time to take a ride on a nightmare merry go round you'll be dead on arrival from the likes of the killer klowns from outer space... theres cotton candy in thier hands says the polka dotted man with a stalk of jacaranda they're all diabolical bozos all look around what do you see tell me what's become of humanity from california shores to new york times square barnum and bailey everywhere if you've ever wondered why the population's going down blame it on the plunder of the likes of the killer klowns from outer space"
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