Strange Times.

Whenever Jaya and I go out we never really stray far from our normal haunts: thrift stores, flea markets, Target, Ikea (DAMMMMMNNN YOUSE and your never-available tv units), various eateries (mmmmm, meat pillows), and where ever shoes can be found. But last weekend we ventured out beyond our comfort zone (hey hey HEY!). Here is a photographic timeline of good times: 01\ Prep Time: We GOTS to look good before we go out (or at least decent):
Me awkwardly posing in a denim t-shirt dress and "tissue box" shoes.
Jaya showing off her almost-finished leather-armed/denim jacket.
02\ First Stop: Photo Shoot. We went to a photo shoot for Jaya's work at a loft/studio in Downtown L.A. so Jaya could lend a hand/dress the models/pretend care/snicker at bad hair.
Picture Montage Time!: Trying the Mosley Tribe sunglasses.
What in the WHHAAA? Jaya's scrawl as part of Sq.One logo.
Model dude & J's coworker busting some horizontal poses.
03\ Second Stop: Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. I wanted to see the "Where The Wild Things Are" Pop Up Shop and the costumes that Christian Joy made.
P.S. I didn't get a picture, but I COULD LIVE in that twig/branch cocoon of a display.
04\ Last Stop: Late lunch/early dinner at Grand Lux in the Beverly Center. The waiter was a creeper (he would make his way towards us but then would make a U-ie just a couple of feet shy of our table) but the food was good good. Mmmmm I had meat pillows with cheese (I don't remember the actual name but that's what it tasted like to me) while J went the "healthier" route and ate the salmon piccata. Well, that sounds less adventurous that I anticipated but whatevs. That's cool.
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