"Looks like he eats babies.... babies of rock 'n roll singers."

A couple of years ago, I bought this zombie-laden DVD movie trio titled, "The Undead Rising." It includes Revolt of the Zombies, Night Of The Living Dead, AND HARD ROCK ZOMBIES. It wasn't until the other night that I finally got to watching the last movie. I can't even describe in my own words the... awesome horribleness?... of this movie. So, here's the description on the back cover:
When Cassie meets Jesse and his friends backstage, she warns them to stop their concert plans in Grand Guignol. The band takes it in stride but seeks refuge from the town's angry parents at a strange mansion. While rehearsing in the mansion's private gardens, they are all brutally killed by a sadistic family of freaks led by ADOLPH HITLER. Hitler comes out of hiding, and with a mysterious pieces of music, Cassie raises the band from the dead to stop Hitler by rocking one final time.
Is that what happened? I can't remember because I was waiting with bated breath for the return of HITLER. That's right: HITLER. Hitler, zombies, LPs, angry mobs, an badass cop with exposed chest hair, big hair, bomb songs, band montages, nudie lady showering, an underage love interest, and Eva Braun-werewolf style . All the makings of a A+++++ movie. **BEST QUOTE EVER: Dudemate #1 (looking at Hitler): What about him? Jesse: Beats the shit out of me. Looks like he eats babies.... babies of rock 'n roll singers.
"They came from the grave to rock 'n roll and MISBEHAVE." Sexy.
Big hair and zombification on left. Underage lust on right.
Pictures from Google Images.
**A LITTLE EXTRA (Kaya in REAL LIFE): My Dad (watching T.V.): Kaya! Come look at these shoes! Me (sauntering over to the couch): What? My dad points to a girl wearing 5" platform Mary Jane wedges with added ankle strap AND STUDS ALL OVER the straps and trim: That's cute! Me (silently in my head): My dad knows me.
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