Open Windows Mixtape pt. II

Here is my Open Window mixtape and this time I decided to put some thought into it. WHHAAAA? I know. I divided it into 2 parts: the first half is "Daytime: Light and Breezy"- these are songs I would play obnoxiously loud in my car with the windows rolled down, fists in the air, and me just LOSING MY SHIT; the second half is "Nighttime: Moody"- see aforementioned description of previous half but insert "nighttime" and "moody." Most of these songs are old because: 1\ I'm a sad, sad creature of habit and will only listen to what I know and like and 2\ New music? What new music? It's tooo much to go looking for it. 09.2009 Open Windows Mixtape: 01 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody): Talking Heads 02 That's Entertainment: The Jam 03 Normandie: Shout Out Louds 04 Hounds of Love (Kate Bush Cover): The Futureheads 05 To Hell With Good Intentions: McLusky 06 Age of Consent: New Order 07 Sleepyhead: Passion Pit 08 The One U Love: Hail Social 09 Blood: Band Of Skulls 10 It's A Man's World: James Brown 11 It Gets Your Body Movin': Suckers 12 The Dillon Family Dancers: The Redneck Manifesto 13 Cold Fame: Band Of Skulls 14 Look After Me: Hot Chip 15 2 Wicky: Hooverphonic 16 Are U That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover): The Gossip 17 Summer Breeze: Seals & Croft -- *DISTURBING/OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST*: The other day, Jaya and I are jammin along in my car trying to catch the 110 freeway via the 5 when J spots the license plate of the white truck in front of us. It reads (from top to bottom): "Daddy's Little Girl... Mommy's Clone." AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Vomit in my mouth, vomit, vomit mouthfeel. We saw this just DAYS after Mackenzie Phillips made the entire world collectively dry heave (p.s. A LOT). Since we couldn't get a great picture of the vanity plate (that whole driving/moving car thing) here is this:
Some little dude lost their balloon to the air vents at LAX.
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