"Thirty seconds after you're born you have a past and sixty seconds after that you begin to lie to yourself about it."

I did it. I watched David Cronenberg's The Brood last night and DIDN'T vomit all over myself. I watched Nola (played by Samantha Eggar) give birth to a hate baby and then proceed to lap up all the bloody baby remnants like she was mama cow cleaning off her new born calf. BBBLLLLAAAAAAAGGGGG. I just vomited now. Sorry, delayed reaction. I think I just gaped at the television when the baby licking began and my brain hasn't had time to process it until now. Sooooo, blllllalaaaagggg again. Oh, and that outer-body baby bag! And the baby/munchkin killers, a la "Village of the Damned"! Go wacky over these stills from The Brood. Just make sure you have a puke bucket handy.
The outer-baby bag holder thingy! WHHHHAAAAT, am I right? FUCKKK IT, that's messed up. Even hate spawn get all snuggled up in snow gear. How thoughtful. BROOD: (noun) a family of young animals produced at one hatching or birth. That's one bloody brood.
Tonight, I going to (try to) finish Hard Rock Zombies. There are promises of rock 'n roll, zombies, and Hitler, so it should be good, right?
All pictures from Google Images.
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