Have A Merry Halloween + Dive For Cover October Mixtape, pt I.

This month's mixtape option for [The Monthly Mixtape] was a Covers playlists, however both my partner and I decided to do an added Halloween playlist to keep in the spirits of the holiday. Here are the mixtapes that Karlientjeuh sent me: ::Have A Merry Halloween! Mixtape:: 01/ Mirror's Paradise: The Kovenant 02/ Panda Problem: The Panda 03/ Castlevania - Stage 3: The Advantage 04/ Tombstone Shadow: Creedence Clearwater Revival 05/ Ironclad: Sleater-Kinney 06/ Clockwork: CDOASS 07/ Engineer Fear: Birdy Nam Nam 08/ Anatonal: Stade 09/ F.V.K.: Bad Brains 10/ Ghosts Of You And Me: Less Than Jake 11/ Codename: Peabrain: The Lillingtons 12/ Skeletor/Beastman!: Gnarkill 13/ Evil Ways: Santana 14/ Tootled: Orbital 15/ Graveyard Girl: M83 16/ Into The Air : 16 Bitch Pile-Up 17/ Your Smile Makes Me Smile: RENEGADE ANDROID 18/ Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: The Emersons 19/ the universe is designed to break your mind: Burning Star Core ::Dive For Cover Mixtape:: 01/ Daniel: Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 02/ 32-20 Blues: Eric Clapton 03/ I Shall Be Released: Nina Simone 04/ While My Guitar Gently Weeps: Jake Shimabukuro 05/ Hotel California: Gipsy Kings 06/ You Can't Hurry Love: Phil Collins 07/ Feelings: The Offspring 08/ Smooth Operator: Señor Coconut 09/ Diamond Dogs: Beck 10/ Imagine: A Perfect Circle 11/ Hurt: Gregorian 12/ Rocket Man: My Morning Jacket 13/ Isolation: Therapy? 14/ Believe: Macha & Bedhead 15/ Jack The Ripper: The Horrors **OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST: From the Hello Kitty/Three Apple Exhibit @ Royal/T in Culver City. This is almost as good as "Kittens in Jars."
Kittens in Plexiglass walls! New internet phenomena.
Now I gots to go watch Monkey Shines. LLLLLAAAAAAATER.
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