Open Windows Mixtape.

The September theme for [The Monthly Mixtape] at Last.fm was "Open Windows." Here is the description:
What does that mean? For the last days of summer, or if you're on the southern half of the coin the first of spring, let's make a mix that you'd (like to) hear through the open windows of your neighbourhood. The laid-back tunes that just give you a good feeling, make you break into song, attracted to strangers and have you dance on the street... you know, the tunes that make you act like a drunk in the middle of the day. Have fun and good luck making it!
I was paired with A-bay, who I, miraculously, have a "musical compatibility of HIGH" (first time that has ever happened). This is the mixtape she sent me: 09.2009 Open Window Mixtape 01 Stars: My Favourite Book 02 Andrew Kenny & Ben Gibbard: You Remind Me of Home 03 James Morrison: You Give Me Something 04 Ben Kweller: Run 05 Missy Higgins: Peachy 06 Ukesperience: Oceanside 07 Tom Petty: Mary Jane's Last Dance 08 Matt White: Love 09 Mason Jennings: Keepin It Real 10 Feist: I Feel It All 11 Meiko: How Lucky We Are 12 Sondre Lerche & Regina Spektor: Hell No 13 The Rolling Stones: Happy 14 Michael Jackon: Enjoy Yourself 15 Chairlift: Bruises I've only listened to the mix, fully, once and it was all right. There are some hits (Feist is always good, as is Tom Petty) and misses (ugggghhh on James Morrison- stop. making. music.) but I have to listen to it a couple more times. OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST: Jaya found this outside her door at her new apartment the other day:
WHAAAAA?? is right. Someone, evidently, went smashy-smashy on their 40" (ohhhh for realssss) TV.
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