It's "Intervention" Meets "Obsessed"

I blames the internet for my ever increasing shoe lust. Perusing various fashion-related blogs over the past couple of months has culminated in me dreaming up an AWESOMELY NONEXISTENT shoe (wood wedge, high ankle, strappy but not slutty, etc. etc.) that has and will continue to elude me. Hence, the following:
1. Dollhouse, 2. Pour La Victoire
Since, for some reason, my dreams won't come true I shelled out some dough for these two sandals and said to myself, This better make this Mama Bear happy. Okay. No. CREEPY. I didn't say that. I swear. Those Pour La Victoire's? Total heartbreaker. I wanted them for so long only to have to return them. Because seriously, who needs cankleitis?
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