Whaa?? I already forgot #1: I thought this picture was taken outside my sister's apartment. Oppps, not so much. This the beautiful clouds of San Juan Capistrano. Thanks Jaya. Soooo. This whole thing. BLOGGING. It feels counterintuitive. It just FEELS unreal to put my sad ramblings online, let alone TYPING THEM OUT. Agggh. But I need to be productive! I NEEEEDS to fool myself into believing that spending minutes upon hours on my nemesis (aka the computer) is counting towards "Time Spent Doing Something." Plus, I should reeeeallly work on my typing skills (my typing is akin to a baby banging its baby fist on a keyboard- HIT AND MISS!). So, here it is. BOOM. GOAL: TO DOCUMENT AS MANY THINGS/EVENTS/PEOPLE/PICTURES BEFORE I FORGET THEM. I have a notoriously TERRIBLE memory where it borderlines between "senior moments" to full on "where-am-I-and-how-did-I-end-up-with-a-bag-of-cheetos-on-the-110-freeway?" kind of bad.
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