I DO do (some kind of) WORK.

So, this is what I spend time doing: RE-RE-ARRANGING SONGS. It's alll types of fun. This is the playlist that I'm sending my mixtape buddies on Last.fm. Mixtape 07.09: Schweaty Messes Summer '09: 01 To Hell With Good Intentions: McLusky 02 O Shot: The Gay Blades 03 Light of the Morning: Band of Skulls 04 Sleepyhead: Passion Pit 05 Ghetto Love: Spinnerette 06 Teen Creep: No Age 07 Daylight: Matt & Kim 08 In For the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix): La Roux 09 It Get's Your Body Movin': Suckers 10 Skinny Love: Bon Iver 11 Some Things Last A Long Time: Daniel Johnston 12 Honest James: Thurston Moore 13 Cold Fame: Band of Skulls 14 The Wolves (Bon Iver Cover Song): Ellie Goulding 15 The Dillion Family Dancers: The Red Neck Manifesto OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST SO I DON'TS FORGETS (this is some kind of crude memory-jogging therapy):
It do, it do. Saw this at the PCC Flea Market back in 11.06. Time traveling!
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