You Will Cry Yourself to Sleep After You See This

Get a grip on yourselves people because what I'm about to show you is like whoa. Meet my necklace charm -- THE CA-CLAW!: (actually, 3/4 of the actual size) Made from spent bullet casings (so says the nice toothless(ish) man who made it) this mini behemoth is the size of a baby's fist and weighs as much as a hatchback Honda Civic. This is #4 of my Creepy (And a Little Dangerous to Wear) Talons necklace collection. I'm pumping iron so that I don't wimp out while wearing this necklace. Until someone (The Yarpist (aka Kaya)) gets their grubby hands off my camera, photographic evidence of my other not-nearly-as-awesome talon necklaces will have to wait.
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