Knee deep in the best crap we can buy.

Jaya and I are on this constant and manic quest to find new and different thrift stores. It's like an addiction that we have to feed and fuel every couple of weeks.

It can be exhausting, frustrating, exciting, or ridonculously MIND-BOTTLING. We can either come away from the experience with some great, if not interesting, goooodies, or just achy feet and smelly, grubby little hands.

However, sometimes amongst all the rubble and rough we find little gems and diamonds that make the hunt and gather alllll worth it (save for the smelly paws: ugggh + grody x 430924809 million). Here are some of the best things we have found in the past few weeks. ENJOY.

I'm getting closer and closer to my "porcelain" (aka REAL) "baby hands" dreams. BABY STUMPS!

Jaya found this very ADORABLE 45 LP holder. Some of the detailing is lost here, but there's embossings of cats playing flutes, windmills (HOLLA), princes, and rabbits in costumes.

---Mmmmmmmmm, DRAWERS. And yes, I do have enough pink, red, and purple pens to warrant (almost) individual compartments.
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