It pays not to plan ahead.

With Jaya, it seems like we rarely get to where we're trying to "get" to. EFFFFS TO YOU, beach. I didn't want to tan my chesties anyway. Instead, we managed to find the Alpine Village Swap Meet off the 91 fwy and we each spent a $1 to basically sweat like baby piggies in a blanket.
"Repeat-er Disease": It should really be recognized by the AMA. Yarp. Oooohhhhh double dang!
As much as I hatesss bikers/bicyclists on the road (DREAM: to clip a indie-looking hipster on the elbow on York Blvd. GENTRIFICATION! Fist shaking in the air!!), I LOVELOVELOVE the 90s and this bike is screaming, "Coolness." THANK YOU Parker Lewis.
Jaya is trying to fill the navajo-inspired-pouch-necklace-sized hole that's been haunting her DREAMS. Woka woka!
--- After losing 9042399 lbs. in sweat, we moved on to the Memory Lanes Thrift Store Mall in Torrance where we made out like BANDITS. But not really. Somebody bust out the world's tiniest violin for the following items that we, regrettably, didn't buy (but we were self-hating enough to taking pictures of). BOOM.
A deer-with-antlers brass goblet. SLAMMIN', but not for $160. At that price, I better be drinking gold.
In my mind, Jaya had to be jealous (JEALOUS.) of this eskmino doll's dreamy hirsute jacket (with matching pant).
Collectively, the two of us have amassed enough "funny" mugs to, I don't know, feed a small nation? I'm a little low on "I own too many mugs" jokes, so allls I'm gonna says is, "I'm good."
The best red jacket that she will NEVER buy.
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