PROOF THAT MY MEMORY SUCKS BALLS: The other week, Jaya started to reminisce about a pair of eyeglasses that our Mom owned, used, and apparently LOVED. I, of course, have vague recollection ("they were round" and "they were big," yah??) and the nights she wore them while driving in her equally-beloved but since-replaced green BMW. Then Jaya looks at me and says, "Yah, and they were LEATHER." WHAAAA? Well, here they are:
Check out that stitching! Gives a new meaning to "Leathah-face."
That's right: JEALOUSLY. A couple of days later I asked my mom about the glasses and she busted them out from the depths of her neverending closet. They're about 20 years old and they are pretty much still BOMB. She told me, "Oh, I LOVED those glasses! They were my favorite. When I was getting prescriptions put in them the guy said, 'Oh, I don't know if I can do this. I might ruin the leather.' I told him, 'I don't care- JUST DO IT.' They're cool, huh?" Hahahahaha, Mom. Hmmmm. They is COOOOL. When I asked her to put them on I almost died. She looked like smiling baby owl.
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