So I have this repeater disease. Okay, so maybe not so much of a disease as it is a horrible predilection of repeating words that I think sound AWESOME. That's right, AWESOME, capital everything. This article by Good magazine has explained my affliction or at least why certain words are so "attractive" to say. Whoooooa. Let's slow down the creepy train because I just called words "attractive." I just vomited on myself. Repeater words I've been jonesing on to date: * Orphan - often repeated with the word "orphanage" for good measure * Queequeg - yeah, never read Moby Dick so... I guess that makes me sound uneducated * Cube - just sounds so onomatopoetic. You know, with the four letters and the "b" sounds and the square-iness of it all. * Vampers - Damns you True Blood! Damns you to hell! There are another fist full of words, but, you know, it might get ugly. Or disturbing. Whatever. P.S. Can you tell that I've been left alone in my office for the rest of the day? Is the careless blogging and haphazard sentencing (and probably spelling) giving it away? P.P.S. Because I like to attach pictures to every post here is what I got when I typed in "vamper": WHAT. THE. HELL. All right computer. I'm turning you off.
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