We're kind of a BIG DEAL (pt. I)

I've done a HORRIBLE thing. I "googled" myself. MYSELF. VOOOMMMMMIIIITTTTTDAFJWOEJFD in my mouth; I know it's self-centered and HORRIBLE but I was tired of stalking all of my past and present (to use that word loosely) friends and classmates. Soooo, I decided to stalk myself and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. When Jaya and I were 8 years old, our parents threw us a big party at the local park and for some reason the L.A. Times was there to cover a story on "Parks are Perfect Party Playgrounds". Being big-timers like us, we evidently "discussed the pros and cons of turning 8." Here is what we said:

The Tengco twins, though, ignored the noise as well as three wedding parties that gingerly picked their way past the picnic shelter in search of strategic photo spots. Instead, Jacqueline and Katherine--"Jaya" and "Kaya" to friends--kept an eye on the steadily growing pile of gifts and discussed the pros and cons of turning 8.

When she woke up that morning, Kaya said thoughtfully, "I felt the same--like I was 7."

But Jaya noticed a change immediately: "When I woke up, I felt like I was 8. I felt smarter and happier."

I, as usual, gave a terse answer. But Jaya, JAYA, got all kinds of sassy and self-aggrandizing with her "smarter and happier" quip. WITH THAT BEING SAID: Trip down (what is left of my) Memory Lane: It brought back the one memory I have of that party: A classmate WOULD NOT let up on the fact that the "Little Mermaid" entertainer/person who was performing at the party was wearing a watch. He kept on going on about how it was impossible to wear watches under the sea. I believe at one point he said, "You're not a real mermaid." Dr. Twinklettits: Smartass! Pickles, the drummer: Dude, no hitting. Here is the full article. OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST: Jaya and I cheek-to-cheek during our roadtrip up to Big Sur, CA back in May 2008. AWWWWWW! I know!
I LOOVES my bangs here and the foreshadowing of the blonde-ness of Jaya's to come.
The not-Bixby bridge (but just as beautiful).
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