Hirsute Pursuit (pt I).

I have always had BIG plans for my hair. I want it HUGE; I want rolling waves + a 90s perm; I want to be able to wear my hair down during the coldest, rain-iest, and windiest days and be okay with it. But I also want it long enough to braid so I can live out my Wednesday Addams/Swedish milkmaid/Pochantas/Tonto dreams. But what I really need is a trimmy trim trim for my split ends. Wohhh wohhh. The damns internet and its fancy websites have just fueled the fire that I call, "Kaya's Next Hair Dream Checklist" (the title lacks some zazz but the pictures more than make up for it). --- Kaya's Next Hair Dream Checklist: 1. I adore BIG hair when it's to done the 90454094 power (but leaving the hairspary in back in 90s). But I adore it EVEN more when it looks like its been lazily pushed to one side or haphazardly knotted in a high bun.
2. I was born with dark black hair that had hints of purple when the sunlight hit it just right. In my teenage angsty years, I dabbled in the rainbow array of colors ranging from magenta pinks to turquoise blues. Just last year, I dyed my hair the various shades of chocolate brown (milk to bittersweet). But now I have settle on a "intense auburn red," as indicated on side of the L'oreal box. It not quite as vibrant as these ladies, BUT I'M WORKING ON IT. Soooo, QUIT hasslin' me.
Images from HEL LOOKS, Hoy, Stil in Berlin, StockholmStreetStyle, Oslo Stil, & Google Images.
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