We're kind of a BIG DEAL (pt. II)

Actually, this one is all me. HOOOOOLLLLLLLLA at that. Back in 2005, I took a screenprinting class where I made tons of posters, stickers, posters, and more posters. Well, my teacher asked if she could use my outline of my building/trees/sun poster in the magazine/booklet that the Arts and Graphic Comm. department puts out every year. I said, "Of course! Go ahead!" I, unfortunately, wasn't able to get a copy of the booklet, so I wasn't able to see how she used my image UNTIL NOW. I'm giving the Internet a voluntary HIGH FIVE! and kudos because some sad sack scanned the ENTIRE MAGAZINE/BOOKLET and placed it online for me to find!! HOOLLLLLAAA x 58380934 Internet. Here it is:
Here is a scan of some of the screenprinted images.
Here is my hand-cut (what WHAT?!) keyline. I know: JEALOUS.
Shout out to "Anonymous"- we work well together.
If you're interested in community college-grade prose, poetry, and prints, here is the entire booklet called InScape in .pdf format.
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