All Good Things Must Come To An End: Part I.

The month of November has treated me pretttty decently.

The first half of the November was pretty cool: I had a wonderful birthday, met some stylish ladies, eaten at new places, etc. etc.

This latter half ain't too shabby neither.

Part One: A quick trip down the 10, 62, and 11.
A couple of weekends ago, Jaya and I decided grant Jaya's birthday wish of "going thrifting," so we grabbed a cheap car rental and drove up to the High Desert (Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms) to check out the thrift store scene for the weekend.

Where we drove:
29 Palms Rd/The 62 Fwy:

Where we went and shopped (and little knick knacks we saw):

A place we ate:

My outfits:
First time showing off this Faith 21 jacket! A great find, especially for these seasonal rains.
+Faith 21 Faux Leather Jacket
+Beanie from Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club
+Rose scarf from Mitsuwa Japanese Market
+Bag from an army surplus store
+ON black jeggings
+Comfy Puma sneaks
A Ron Weasly-inspired outfit: pattern (floral) on pattern (stripe) on pattern (floral).
+Lazy hair: ALL MINE
+Brocade-ish scarf from TJ Maxx
+Super old and very warm cardigan from Salvation Army
+New acquired oversized grey striped shirt from Joshua Tree Thrift Store
+Floral Doc Martens
And lastly:
DOOOOUUUUBLLE RAAAAAINBOWWWW! Saw this beauty of nature when we drove down the 10 to the 111 to get to Palm Springs. Jaya couldn't stop punching me and I could stop yelling, "That dude was right! 'Whaaat does it alll mean??'"