Many Happy Returns.

Happy Birthday to Me and Jaya! (and, incidentally, Tracy Morgan)

So I don't forget: my horoscope for the year from the L.A. Times:
Today's birthday (Nov. 10): You won't find your success the way you have in the past, nor will you find it the way others do. There's a fresh originality in your approach, and you'll be lucky while implementing progressive and unconventional ideas. Your love life blossoms this month. Capricorn and Leo people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 30, 4, 11, 23 and 16.
Here are a couple of photos of us together. This one was taken with a Lomo with quadraple-ly exposure, hence cool effcct.

This one's from a few b-days ago (I look like Pocahontas or something).

My aunt made this for us today, and we're maybe around 8 year old. Thanks Tita Nette! Annnd, I don't know which one is which, you'd have to ask Jaya.

OHHHH, and Happy 100th Post, blog! Sorry I missed your one year anniversary in July (ehhh- we'll celebrate next year).